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The Classic Donzi Registry is a collective of information about the models of a boat called DONZI. We hope to preserve this, deserved, special place in marine history by presenting information and documentation .

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7/16/98 1:01:42 PM George Desmond I have a X-18 1976 with a Volvo 290 drive with Mercruiser shaft, 383ci 400+ hp, looking for idea's to go faster. Props, Different drives etc. I run a Hydromotive 22" 5600rpm@66mph or a Volvo High rake 26"@5600@68mph, I have tried a 21" Mirage ran 66mph@6000+ Rpm 
7/16/98 9:58:12 PM rick I have a 1967 28ft donzi sportfisherman w/ t260 volvos that need instalation.Also has marlin tower all ss. this boat needs tlc but is a great project for so one I don't have the time to do it. asking 8500.00 located in N.H. 
7/17/98 5:24:27 PM Forrest Matt, Donzis built before the Coast Guard required all boat builders to place the serial number on the upper starboard side of the transom (1974?) was located on an adhesive backed foil label attached to the bulkhead either behind the back seat, or adjacent to the throttle/shift lever, or elsewhere in the cockpit. With age, these foil labels get worn, torn, and fall off. If the serial number is not on you title or registration, or someone did not do as I did on my í72 16 Ski Sporter, which is to engrave the serial number in the gel-coat just below the foil label behind the back seat, the serial number could be lost forever. Also, since one of the previous owners of my í72 Magnum 27 Sport evidently let the foil serial number label disappear, and was not at all cooperative in forwarding the title and registration to itís next owner (the DEA), the State of Florida re-titled the boat an assigned it a new serial number. Serial numbers of Donzis in the registry that begin with FLZ have been re-titled and issued new serial number by the Florida Department of Natural Resources. 
7/17/98 5:28:56 PM Forrest Michael, I know of a guy down in Lutz (Tampa area), Florida with a very rough 16 Ski Sporter with no engine, needs glass work, deck and hull is taken apart, . . . did I mention rough? I mean rough! I bet you could pick the thing up for a few (very few) hundred dollars or so and haul it out of his back yard. It needs EVERYTHING. If you are interested, I will dig up the phone number of this guy and you can call him. 
7/17/98 8:55:32 PM Ross Cooper Was just informed of your site today. What a GREAT FIND! I am in the process of selling my 1966 Ski Sporter or at least I was until I saw the interest of other owners; now I am not sure. It is either the Ski Sporter or the 28SS Cigarette; one has to GO!! I was never sure what year the Donzi was,but seeing the 1966 brochure I can now tell because of transom vent. THANKS! Trivia Question?? At some point the 16' was produced in southern Ontario Canada by Shepherd, (Shepherd Donzi), does anyone know the history?? 
7/19/98 6:20:29 PM CLETE FORREST, I have a training guide for vessel theft identification, from a state agengy, that states - The Federal boat act of 1971 ( 33CFR181 ) requires all hulls of boats to be identified by a 12 character hull identification number ( HIN ). The article then goes on to explain in length, what each character means. Depending on when this act became effective, it may be possible some 71's or at least 72's could have this type of hull number on the outboard side of the transom. Thanks 
7/19/98 6:40:28 PM CLETE Matt, you might try to look for your hull # on the underside of the deck just forward of the guages. it should be hand written with a black crayon. Mine had the hull length, hull # , build date, and the builders name, all in 1 1/4 high letters. get a bright light and slide under your deck to take a peek. Good Luck 
7/22/98 2:40:51 PM matt Thanks everybody for you help looking for my hull number. It was not found in any of those places. I do know this; it has no number on the transom so must be pre '71, original gelcoat was black hullsides, lt. grey bottom and deck, purple/maroon stripe. It was all filled and sanded and a mold made from it at least 7 years ago somewhere on the east coast. Anybody remember seeing a boat like this running around or having a mold made from it? 
7/22/98 5:40:34 PM Forrest Clete, Matt the '72 Donzis did not have their serial number (HIN) molded into the outside of the transom. I do have another boat (brand X) that was built in 1975 and it does have it HIN molded into the starbord side of the transom. With this in mind, I conclude that in either in '73 or '74 it was mandated that builders place HINs on the transom. 
7/23/98 3:44:22 PM Tony Although not a Donzi, I am looking at a 72 18' Cobalt Offshore with a 302 Ford and a Holman Moody stern drive. I'm told it is a prototype of some kind, with a limited number of them built. Is there a "pocket rocket" fanatic out there who may have any knowledge of this old Cobalt? (Sorry to invade this space with a non-Donzi query...)
7/23/98 6:57:31 PM Royce Tony, I called Cobalt back in 1994 or 1995 regarding this issue as they had used a picture of a Donzi 18 with Cobalt name plates and flags symbols on the hull sides. The Cobalt people informed me that they did in fact have molds and built around 50 18's in the early 70's. I was told that they built around 35 16's in that same time frame. The molds were supposedly destroyed around 1994. 
7/24/98 12:14:53 PM Donn Just got Boating World, September 1998 issue. "Days of Thunder" by Michael Verdon. "The rise and fall of Miami's legendary 188th Street, ...". Good read. Love my Donzi! 
7/28/98 7:16:04 PM Greg Harris I'd like to know how well the 1988 Donzi 22' Testarossa special edition boat is regarded? Is this OMC-era boat inferior to earlier 22's or the modern day models? Also, is the 502 EFI superior to the carb. 454? 
7/29/98 9:52:05 AM Gene Don't know if anyone is interested, so I'll just throw this out. One of my buddies found a brand new (1-2 hours) 1964 OMC DU-90 sterndrive unit in his warehouse. In storage since 1964. Perfect condition, and he wants $900 for it. I don't know much about the OMC stuff, but this sounds like a good deal. Check the Boat Trader for details. 
7/29/98 6:30:59 PM Chris Dixon I live on a small lake in central Ontario, Canada - grew up lusting for a 16' Donzi and now think it is time - I would be interested in any year, the newer the better. Would like to spend approx $15,000 Cdn. Does anybody have leads on a Donzi in my area - please E mail me at BTW do you have water ski experience with a 16', what are they like ? - thanks for any help Regards Chris 
7/29/98 6:32:59 PM should be, sorry ! 
7/29/98 6:43:25 PM should be, sorry ! 
7/30/98 8:08:48 AM Matt Reinhart Anybody ever wonder what exactly is a Holman Moody Ford 302? Lee Holman told me "it is a 302 with 351 heads to give it more air. We got the engines from Ford that way so we did not build the engine up from parts, but got a Ford industrial engine and added our marine parts to the outside." 
7/30/98 12:36:14 PM craig With regard to Tony and Royce's exchange of 7/23/98, I, as Tony expressed, was reluctant to "butt in" with info. regarding the "Donzi look alike" Cobalts, but since someone asked, I thought it would be of some novelty interest to old Donzi fans. I own one of the Cobalt 16' models that Royce mentioned. I have had it for about 13 years and have never seen another one like it, I too have conversed with the Cobalt people a bit regarding these boats and I knew a limited number of others existed (they told me about 40 of the 16's ). One guy from Cobalt said they only knew the whereabouts of about 4 or 5 of them now, including mine. I was very interested to here about the 18' Tony saw and would like to see a picture or get more info. My 16' is truly identical to the mid-late 60's Ski Sporter 16 with the exception of the Cobalt name and side stripe, which is done like other Cobalt runabouts of that era. Engine = Holman Moody, Ford 351W w/ Volvo 270 outdrive just like the old Donzis. The model, according to the registration is a '72, but the engine is a '69 and through talking to Cobalt I have reason to believe that the whole boat/engine/outdrive package is more like a '69. Won't take up any more "Donzi space", but if interested in sharing some info. on these boats, please contact me via e-mail at Thanks to Royce and Tony! 
7/30/98 5:33:42 PM Bob Hickey Yes, Hull #C16-626 is still for sale! She's a beauty, an all original '71 Sweet 16 currently lying in my garage. She's Donzi red/orange over cream and she's in need of a loving second owner. Please, I'm handling this for a friend and I need my garage space. I have photos that I can email if you're interested. My friend say's he'll entertain all reasonable offers so don't be shy. From what we gather she appears to be worth in the area of 10K (we welcome all comments concerning the pricing). In any event, he's motivated so if you're interested, email me. Thanks! 
7/31/98 11:18:14 AM Matt M Mike Devlin, a couple months ago you wrote about your "custom Donzi 17' barrel back" circa 1966. In Mike Aronows book he speaks of a 17' prototype predecessor to the sweet 16, the first version was built by Jim Wynn and raced as the Wynn Mill, there is a picture and it is indeed a barrel back. The mold was sold with the Formula deal as a "Formula Junior" around 1964, but they reportedly had time to build very few if any of them. The sweet 16 was made by cutting 8" off the transom of "a version" of this boat. Maybe Donzi made a few prototypes with the full mold and that's what you have. Check out the picture, p57. Greg Harris, if you peruse the discussion log there are several references to the OMC era boats as less desirable than the earlier or later eras. The quality of the hull, and rigging being one reason, and the performance limitations of the OMC outdrives being another. As far as the carbed 454 compared to the EFI 502. Out of the box the 502 EFI will have better power but getting 500+ Hp will be much more economical starting with a good 454. Cobalt boats, this is interesting, were these authorized or licensed by Donzi? Was the mold from Donzi or did they splash a Production boat. 
7/31/98 12:48:48 PM Royce Matt, about 9 years ago I was visiting Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri and came across a Donzi "bubble deck" classic that had, I believe a big block Ford with a v-drive configuration. It was I believe a model that they called the Corsican. I also ran across a Cobalt look alike in the same marina in 1995 that also was from the same mold as the Donzi Corsican, only it had the Volvo stern drive system. I spoke to the owner who is from Kansas City, and he stated that it was around a 1973 model. This marina was called "The Mariner" and was a Donzi dealer in the late 80's. I hope that this may shed some helpful light on the subject. 
7/31/98 1:49:20 PM Andy L I am looking at (what I can tell) is a 18 2+3. It has a HM(Ford) that I have not idetified yet, possibly a 289?. The drive unit is the VolvoPenta 270. There is no hull# on the transom. Using part of the drive serial number, Volvo Penta tells me it is an early 1970's model. What elese can I look for? The helm is on the port side. The interior is red/white stripe w/red/white hull. Air vents on the deck have DONZI logo. Any tips for ID and restoration would be very helpfull. Andy L. 
7/31/98 1:49:39 PM Andy L I am looking at (what I can tell) is a 18 2+3. It has a HM(Ford) that I have not idetified yet, possibly a 289?. The drive unit is the VolvoPenta 270. There is no hull# on the transom. Using part of the drive serial number, Volvo Penta tells me it is an early 1970's model. What elese can I look for? The helm is on the port side. The interior is red/white stripe w/red/white hull. Air vents on the deck have DONZI logo. Any tips for ID and restoration would be very helpfull. Andy L. 
8/2/98 12:15:14 AM John S What a great site! I've got Donzi on the brain and am looking for a 22 Classic. Prefer a newer one and want to know what years are the best and which engine, outdrive, etc. would be the best. I live in the Seattle area but will travel far for the right boat at the right price. Any help would be much appreciated. 
8/3/98 1:40:08 AM Peter Zedaker Owning a Donzi has always been my greatest ambition.Unfortuatly, I am fifteen so that will have to wait.My godfather has a 76 Donzi named Donzi Duck.The seats are white with red piping.The gleaming paint is red and has a three spoke, left hand steering wheel.The two bench seats can occupy 3 or four people each.It has an old corvette 350 and a green tinted,rounded Donzi windsheild.To top it all off,the Duck has hull exit exsaust with rubber flaps. does any body know if this is a hornet or even a '76? How much would one cost in restorable condition? thanx 
8/4/98 1:21:31 PM John S I have found a 1988 22'Classic, 454 w/OMC outdrive, great condition. What's this thing worth??? 
8/5/98 4:00:50 PM Carry Gross I have a 67 2+3, Fresh 289 Hi-po, Hollman-moody equip. Red w/wht stripe, wht interior,windshield, etc. lots new, trailer and all goes. Would prefer to see someone who appreciates what they have get it. 1st 5k can have it all.. E-mail me for any details you might want. 
8/6/98 1:32:54 PM Andy L I purchased the 18 2+3 I spoke about last week! It is a 1972 powered by a Ford 302/Volvo Penta 270 drive. The registration has a number DK43218 (does this sound correct?). Red hull w/ white stripe. Red/white interior. I am the third owner and very happy to get hold of this beauty. I'm looking forward to running the boat on Lake George, NY. It is not in bad shape nor is it cherry (on ascale of 1-10, igive it a 6.5). Any encouragement or restoration tips are welcome. 
8/7/98 7:45:57 AM Jim Cancil More changes coming to the site. We'll split off the discussion into two areas. Something to sell will go to one area and general questions to another. Michael got a large load of pictures for one 'sale' listing--we'll limit that to one. Understand, this is of no-cost-to-you, but is of some cost. There's a new Michael doing the code. TheWebster, Michael Slavin, has done a great job on all three of my sites. Michael Dori is the son of a friend who builds satelites and have moved close by so we can communicate more easily. I actually expect to expand the site, and hopefully you'll be willing to add more materials as the new sections come. BTW: hydraulic steering is great!