The Classic Donzi Registry
The Classic Donzi Registry
The Classic Donzi Registry

The Classic Donzi Registry is a collective of information about the models of a boat called DONZI. We hope to preserve this, deserved, special place in marine history by presenting information and documentation .

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Fri Apr 4 11:30:58 1997 Michael Gosh, this looks *really* good! Here's a photo of Jim's boat and truck... 

Sat May 10 22:19:32 1997 Nathan R. Schlaeppi I'm pleased to have stumbled upon your site. I WANT TO SEE MORE! I own a 1971 GTX 21'.(Classic 2+3) As soon as I get a scanner I'll send some pictures. We live in St. Petersburg FL and absolutely enjoy boating in the intercoastal. Have you seen the book "Don Aronow The King of Thunderboat Row, by Michael Aronow?" If your into his work, this book is the best account I've seen. Send any comments to "" Thanks...Nathan 
Thu May 15 16:28:46 1997 Marc Wonderful site! My first Donzi was a 1967 ski sporter w/165 interceptor and Volvo 200 outrdrive. It is red, white boot stripe and waterline, white interior. Similar to the fromt brouchure page, except for the white water line which added a finishing touch. I had the boat for 20 years until I replaced it with a Donzi Z-25. Still have that one. Even though Donzi had lost most of its mistique, this is a quality boat. Leather companion seats down below w/screened portholes. There's nothing like looking down that smooth, uniquely Donzi curved deck! Your web site brings back all of the memories of the early days when these "pocket rockets" acted as chase boats for LBJ. Say did you know that in Sidney Sheldon's "The Conspiracy" (the name as best I can remember) one of his characters uses a Donzi 2+3 as a get away boat? 
Sun May 25 21:21:31 1997 Dave Pitt Stumbled on your page, and really like it. I had a 65 SkiSporter when I lived in Delaware. It had a Holman-Moody 289 with an Eaton outdrive, which was changed to a Volvo 200. I sold the boat when I moved to FL. I hear it is still around up there. I ended up putting a 351W in it. It was originally all red with white stripe and red sparkle rolled and pleated interior. After arriving in FL I purchased a 70 2+3. It was originally a terrible green color that was repainted all white with red stripe. I changed it to red hull sides, white waterline and white deck with red stripe. The interior was white rolled and pleats with red piping. It was powered with a 351W, Volvo 270 drive (modified to accepte Merc props), with nitrous injection. She would run a honest 65 without the bottle and 75 on the button. At last I sold it and bought a Cigarette. Sold the Cigarette and miss the roar of the Donzi. I have a 49 ChrisCraft Deluxe Runabout now, but I want a 22' 2+3. I think they are the sharpest boat on the water for their size. When I was a kid on the Jersey shore, Donzi's ruled the water. My 18 would out run most anything on the Saint Johns river here in the Orlando Area. Good page, sorry I rambled on. You have my memory on overload, but it's a nice overload Thanks Dave Pitt 
Fri May 30 23:45:01 1997 Ken Bracewell Great page! I stumbled into your sight while looking for information on the Don Aronow book. We own a 1967 18' Saint Tropez. This is the classic 18' hull with a center console open cockpit. The boat was designed for fishing, but has seen many other adventures over the years. We've had the boat for 16 years and it is powered with a 360 Chrysler. It used to out run any boat on the St. Clair river (below Lake Huron), but now only holds it's own with the newer breeds. I'll never be without my Donzi! 
Mon Jun 2 19:30:12 1997 Steve Draper I'm looking for a 1988 Donzi F-23. Length is 22 ft. 11 in. by 8 ft. 6 in. An outboard fishing boat with central console. The donzi must also have 250 Hp max. If any information is known of the boat described above please send e-mail to Prowler194 regarding sale. 
Tue Jun 3 08:38:59 1997 John Garbarino I own a rare 1967 Donzi Hornet 19' "single cockpit" version. The power is an original Holman & Moody prepared 289 Ford HiPo engine that has an original Ford hi-rise aluminum intake manifold, an original Holly 725 cfm dual pumper carb, heads worked by Crane and stainless valves. It had an original Volvo B200 outdrive unit that I replaced with a stronger model 280. To see the boat visit my web site at "" 
Thu Jun 5 10:01:06 1997 Gene I am currently looking at a boat (Donzi, 16 ft) at a marina up the street from me. It has been sitting in this marina's yard for about three years, and has never moved. My buddy says it's a Donzi Sweet Sixteen. It has left hand steering, wrap around bench seat, a V-8 engine, and what looks like a white Volvo outdrive, with a torpedo type thing on the end of the propeller. No upholstery, and no engine hatch. There is a hand rail around the cockpit. It is definitely an old boat, I can't determine it's age at this point. Does anyone have any idea what year it might be, and what I could offer these people for the boat? 
Tue Jun 10 11:01:55 1997 Gene Drago I have found some more info on this Donzi I previously asked about. It seems that this boat is a 1967 Sweet Sixteen. Hasn't been run for 5 years. it has a Ford 289 cu in motor with a Volvo-Penta outdrive. No carburator. The outdrive will not turn left to right. It has been repainted. No interior upholstery. The steering wheel has heavy duty UV damage to the rubber (white). Brand new (5 years new) Donzi trailer. It is missing the cowl vents. The engine hatch is there, but does NOT look original. The hull is in basically good condition, I see no problems with that area. I am currently negotiating the price. These people are firm on $3500.00. Does anybody got an idea if this is a fair price? It sounds high to me, but I know that this thing is a definite classic worth a lot of money restored. which brings up an interesting thought. Where can I get parts for this boat? I called the factory and they said that parts for the older boats were very kidding...and thought that the parts from the new Classic line wouldn't fit properly. I'm dead set on getting this boat. Any help out there? 
Thu Jun 12 22:28:34 1997 Sven Pavlik I currently have a 1971 Donzi 21 GT Classic Hull for sale. The hull is in excellent condition and is currently in Awlgrip primer. The cap could be ready for paint in a weekend. Sadly I must part with this teriffic hull. I live in Fort Lauderdale and will give it up for $1,100. No engine, original name plate. Please e-mail me if interested. 
Mon Jun 16 20:15:29 1997 Brent I have a 1995 212 medallion with a 350 only 50 hrs on it and want to sell fast. e-mail me it your interested 
Tue Jun 17 09:45:48 1997 Jeff Pease I have a 21' Donzi Hornet III with a 454/330 HP Mercruiser TRS. Love my Donzi's handling, appearance, integrity, reliability, history, but would like to have more speed. I would like to talk to Sven Pavlik about the 21 he has for sale but I can't find an Email address to get in touch with him. If anyone knows, please contact me at 
Wed Jun 18 08:00:36 1997 Gene D. I don't want to make this web site a gathering to sell boats. but does nayone know where I could find an 18'er for a reasonable price? I'm thinking that my needs would be better met in an 18. Any help would be appreciated. 
Wed Jun 18 19:47:45 1997 David Ochs I have a 1969 16', with original 302 and all the Holman-Moody accessories still on board. I spent over two years restoring the boat. I have aquired a good deal of information from others throughout the country. I'm thrilled to have found this site and look foward to sharing experiences with other owners. Visit my brother Howard's page to see pictures:
Thu Jun 19 12:37:22 1997 Andy Phipps I am very interested in finding an old 16' - 20' Donzi (classic) in original condition that would be a project boat for restoring. My budget is limited but my enthusiasm for old Donzis' is not. If anyone out there knows of any resources I might want to look at, please e-mail me @ Thank You!!! 
Thu Jun 19 12:54:48 1997 John K. Maybe you can help me. I live in the Maryland area and I am an advid boater. I currently own a 29' Regal. I want to find an old Donzi 16 that I can fix up. Since I already have one boat I don't have alot of $$ for another. That is why I am trying to find an old Donzi 16 that needs work. I even have people that can drop engines in boats. Please keep your eyes open for I am desperate. 
Sun Jul 13 13:09:56 1997 D. Gregor MacGregor III I know virtually nothing about Donzis except that I have dreamt of having one since I was 10 years old. I know that they were very popular in the mid-60's among resorters in Harbor Springs, MI and that all the boys who lived in the town were bound and determined to own one when they grew up. Someone you may want to contact is Keith Price, who ran Walstrom's Marine in Harbor Springs (616) area code. He knew a lot about Donzis. Also there is a resorter family in H.S. named Gargaro that had a really cool Donzi, a 16-footer (I'm almost certain) with a large engine hump that ran from the front of the boat to the back. I was only 10 at the time, but I remem ber my friend coming and getting me out of bed in the morning to hurry up and go downtown because Gargaro had his hood opened at Walstrom's. Maybe my fantasies have gotten the best of my memory, but I think what I saw under there was a Rootes blower. Anyway, I think your website is GREAT! If I can be of any assistance whatsoever, please advise. 
Mon Jul 14 22:40:53 1997 Eric G Stark My fiancee and I own a 68 2+3 18ft Donzi classic. It is powered by a built 351 Windsor, roughly producing about 370 horse, and still with the volvo 270 outdrive. The motor and boat both come out of S. Carolina, and the motor was built by a guy that worked for a Winston Cup race team from 83-86. I personally have run 60mph with it, the previous owner has done 70'+. I plan on a total restoration in October and will send pics. after I get her back some time by spring. 
Fri Jul 18 16:07:27 1997 I have a 1981 18' classic. Is there a registry for these boats? 
Fri Jul 18 22:21:51 1997 "Sweet Sixteen's are great for a beginner, Mess with my '69 Pachanga and I'm Sure to be a Winner." This is a challenge from my buddy to all you Donzi owner's in the lower Brevard area. Anyone out there got the guts to take him up on his challege? We need a Donzi owner to take this guy on. I'm sick of hearing his guff. Gene. 
Sun Jul 20 11:53:51 1997 Bonne Klompstra I own a 1976 donzi classic 18' 2+3 yellow and black. I live on the St.Clair River. When I got the boat it had a 350 with 280 Volvo outdrive. I put a 400 in it modified it a bit. It will go around 60 M..P..H. with 21 pitch prop and has power to spare. I'd like to try a higher pitch prop but I'm having trouble finding one. More later. - Bonne 
Mon Jul 21 22:10:38 1997 Eric Stark FOR SALE: 1968 DONZI 2+3 18 ft. Restored in 85, 351 windsor w 270 volvo outdrive. Perfect interior, new steering system, cover, 2 props, trailer. Totally turn key. Could use paint to be totally perfect. New boat on the way so shes gotta go!! $7,500.00 or best offer. e-mail first then, phone number, located in Md. 
Tue Jul 22 19:46:41 1997 David Ochs David Ochs has a new address for those trying to reach me. Although Howard's addresses will also work. It's nice to have heard from so many other Donzi owners. 
Thu Jul 24 00:07:58 1997 Michael Eberhardt Just bought a Donzi! 
Sun Jul 27 06:30:50 1997 Petteri Porri Hello to you all Donzi owners from here Finland. I own Donzi Blackwidow 24 1990 ,it,s an immaculate condition and has under 100 hrs. on it. Gasoline costs is 4.00 $ per gallon here and my boat has 340 Hp. OMC King Cobra . Fuel consumtion is 16 GPH at 36 mph , with 21" prop. Is this normal ? Speed is around 55 mph WOT. I love my boat ,it`s exellent in rough seas but fuel costs are a bit too high. Send E-mail please, thank you. 
Mon Aug 4 16:55:58 1997 Manard McLeod Just bought a Donzi. More to follow
Wed Aug 6 23:35:26 1997 Mike Looking for other Donzi owners intrested in forming an annual Classic Donzi reunion near Ocean City Maryland or Maryland Chesapeake Bay area. Lets party and talk Donzi!!!! 
Sun Aug 10 00:25:26 1997 stuart miller I own a 1967 sweet sixteen powered by a 289 ford/interceptor.As century, chris-craft, gar wood and others have clubs, I believe its time for owners/enthusiasts of these special craft to join in forming a classic donzi enthusiast organization. 
Sun Aug 10 14:27:23 1997 Dean Gillespie Jim: I own a 1967 16' and a 1973 18'. Both are restoration projects and with luck the 16 will be in the water before cold weather arrives. It is not 100% original having been repowered with a Commander Marine 351 by the first owner. I have since aquired a late model Mercruiser outdrive in order to have power trim. Most of the hardware I have bought will be close to original. I live in Alabama and my boat is in a shop in Pensacola Fla. I really have no extensive knowlage of Donzi boats and the two that I own are the only boats I have ever purchased. Neither one has ever been in the water since I have owned them. I am interested in your registry and look forward contacting you in the near future. 
Tue Aug 12 21:35:52 1997 Don I am glad you have a site online. I really enjoy looking at them. I would like to see more. 
Wed Aug 13 06:46:20 1997 Dave Swisher Jim, I talked to you the other day about my Donzi, a 1966 Sweet Sixteen. I'm pleased to see so much response to your classic registry, it's a needed forum. As promised, I will send the photo of my British Green all natural (down to the Eaton outdrive) Donzi as soon as time allows. I'll give the registry viewers a little savory taste though. Go to your local library and order a copy of Boating News, August 1966. In the magazine they test my boat, which is kinda fun to see. Anyway, the article goes on, and I must give credit to them, to talk about how Don Aronow, Dave Stirrat, Jim Wynne, and Waltman Walters designed this boat. Bob Kiple is the boat tester and has a lot of good things to say back in 1967 about Donzi. One line in the article is a classic. He says "We sure hand it to them for having the guts to go the quality route and let the chips fall where they may" I couldn't agree more. My Donzi still has the orginal instrumentation, Eaton outdrive, original gel coat. In fact, the boat looks very close to brand new. Sounds crazy, but the boat has never seen a freezing night and has been garaged since 1967, except of course when I go out for a Sunday spin. I called Donzi and asked if they wanted to use the boat in a 30 year anniversary commercial or advertisement and they barely knew what I was talking about. Oh well their loss and I guess it's hard to step back in time. I look forward to sending you a picture so others can get some enloyment from the boat. For those that can't find the article please don't write for a copy. I will as time permits enter and scan all the information I have about these little Jewels. Dave Swisher 
Thu Aug 14 14:35:04 1997 Robert C. Graham Hello, I think it is great to have a place to discuss the our true love... Donzi boats. It was great to see Howard Ochs site and his restoration project photos. I had talked to him a couple of years ago when I had first bought my 1967 Sweet 16. Its got a 302 with the Hollman-Moody setup and a 270 Volvo outdrive. I must be losing it because I'm thinking of getting a 1970 18' with a 302 and the Holman-Moody setup. I don't know how popular the Holman-Moody option was but it seems to me that they would be more collectible (any comments?). But what do I know? If anyone has had both boats before and can tell me the pros and cons between them I would like to hear from you. I live on Wheeler Lake in Athens AL if anyone is interested in getting together somewhere in the south east let me know. 
Thu Aug 14 23:24:39 1997 Don Dean I presently own a 1971 18 footer with the original 289 Holman-Moody and Volvo 250 drive. This boat has spent all its life in the Chicago, Il area. I'll be bringing it to Sacramento, CA the week of 21 Aug. This is where it will live until I can get transferred back to Florida. It's red with a white bottom. Look for it on Lake Tahoe and/or Folsom Lake. It still looks new and really is in beautiful condition because it has never been exposed to a salt environment. I grew up in Key Stone Point, a part of Miami Beach where, in the 60's, many of my teenaged friends had NEW donzis. Pretty exciting, back then, to be able to blast around Biscayne Bay and surrounding water ways in boats that were so capable. Actually, the three most popular boats amoung Key Stoners were, of course were Donzis, Glastron Jet Flights and Formula 223s. The Glastons had 65 h.p. Mercurys, the Formulas had twin 160 h.p. Mercruisers. Instead of doing homework after school, we'd go out hunting charter boats so we could jump their wake. I guess we were the original "jet ski" jerks because we pulled some pretty scary stunts. I've had a Jet Flight as high as the flying bridge on a 65 foot sport fisherman more than once. To answer the question concerning the difference between the Sweet Sixteen and the 18 Classic in few words: Two feet makes a mile of difference. The 18 is solid on the water where the Sixteen gets too jumpy too easy. From our house, on the intracoastal water way, it was a quick trip up to Maule Lake where Mr Aronow built all of his excellent boats. It was pretty cool to go up there and wait for some test mule to come out of hiding for sea trials. He built the Magnums there, too, and my brother has an early 25 footer with twin volvos. His boat is as strong as the day it was built in 1973. Still good looking, too. I'm pleased to meet the Classic Donzi Registry and look forward to hearing more from enthusiast
Sat Aug 16 8:59:45 1997 OK...I'll start the begging. Does anybody have any parts? How about an original seat--condition unimportant. I've got Crusader headers but there were some Holman-Moody ones made for the 289 Ford---or do you know of a good substitute. (where's the spelling checker on this?) Jim @ 800 825 1245 eastern 
Sat Aug 16 21:02:27 1997 Hank DiPietro I own a 1970 18' Donzi with a Holman Moody 302 and a Volvo 270 outdrive. I live in the SouthEast and run the Tennessee River. 
Mon Aug 18 11:24:46 1997 Dennis Gould
Tue Aug 19 13:11:04 1997
DESPERATELY WANTING A DONZI CLASSIC 16' OR 18'. I am looking for a Donzi with a good hull and motor in good shape is a plus. Old is not a problem. Welling to spend 5 to 8k for the right boat. Anyone? Reply to 
Tue Aug 19 16:19:53 1997 Jeff Dockx I am interested in buying and restoring a Donzi Classic 16' or 18'. If anyone could give me information as to publications on Donzi classic restoration and/or has a classic 16' or 18'(any age) for sale in the Northeast please respond, 
8/22/97 8:25:16 PM Scott Interested in finding an old Donzi 16 or 18. If anyone knows of one available please let me know! 
Sun Aug 24 15:49:56 1997 brek Schroeder My donzi is better than yours
8/25/97 12:50:54 PM I would like to get the specs on an '88 Minx, if anyone has them or a copy of the original sales brochure would you forward them at 
Tue Aug 26 06:56:56 1997
Tue Aug 26 07:07:31 1997 John Mano I have just purchased an early model 28 ft deep vee offshore donzi. I need some information about this beautiful classic boat.It is fully operational powered by 2 x 350 chev behind a set of TR Mercruiser legs. I have just finished reconstructing the targa wing and completed respray also a full reconstruction of the windscreen and brand new interior, together with a brand new re upholstered interior and rear lounge and drivers seat upholstery. Desperately need company brochures, photos and specs on this Donzi. 
Tue Aug 26 18:04:20 1997 wow, i am so excited by this site. I am a young donzi boy, i just turned 18. not long ago my father purchsed an 18classic honey and red. i have always loved reading about the thunder boat row and now get to experience it first hand. continued success on the site and best of luck to the donzi owners and future donzi owners of the world. 
Thu Aug 28 01:08:12 1997 Scott Has anyone out there ever come across a 1970 23' Donzi Spitfire w/ T-302 Holman Moody Engs. If so drop me a line. I am starting to restore one I have had for 10 years. 
Fri Aug 29 20:32:29 1997 Barry Just purchased a 1969 2+3 18Classic in need of restoration. I am looking for some photos, brochures and parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.The boat is missing cowl vents and the shifter ball. Great webpage! Any other old Donzi's in the Jacksonville FL. area? There was one at St.Augustine marina last year(blue classic),and that boat inspired me to buy mine. 
Sun Aug 31 00:40:26 1997 Dean Gillespie send info or mail list