The Classic Donzi Registry
The Classic Donzi Registry

The Classic Donzi Registry is a collective of information about the models of a boat called DONZI. We hope to preserve this, deserved, special place in marine history by presenting information and documentation .

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1/1/98 7:09:46 PM Tim Morris Happy New Year everybody! I am at the cottage, more interested in snowmobiles (rode 70 mi today) than Donzi's in January. The boat ('87 Minx) is safely laid up in heated garage waiting for May. I am 100 mi N of Toronto Ontario Canada and we have a small, but keen Donzi following up here.
1/2/98 1:14:48 AM Mike Devlin Happy New Year ! I have traced the history of my Boat back to around 1972. it seams the origanal engin has ended up in a street rod. I am working on trying to buy it back but the guy wants $15,000-. I Know the DeKnoier boat will sell for 45 or so. But, people tell me because of the history behind my boat she's worth 90 or so. I am a little re-Lucktant to pay the big bucks for a ford Motor.~~~Note to myself.........~~~Formula 233.....
1/2/98 10:41:33 AM Staffan Hello Donzi lovers. What is the best propeller for my Donzi 22 classic-91 with OMC460 King Cobra. Have fun Staffan in Stockholm, Sweden
1/2/98 12:42:42 PM jeff i just bought a 28 foot donzi, 1977 can anyone get me an original photo of it? does anyone know anything about it?
1/3/98 12:44:25 PM Dave Swisher In reponse to Willy on December 19th. I can't image new Donzi's should have a throttle problem like that. I have the solution. Dump the 96 while you still can. Look effortlessly for a vintage Donzi. The 4.3 Litre engine is great in a small chevy blazer, but Donzi's need a V-8. You have to have one to understand. I'm just having a little Donzi fun with you. No throttle should do that. My 66 still has the orginal throttle set up as when it was new, and I don't need to shake it. Good Luck!
1/4/98 1:09:09 PM Jim Bishop I have a 1978 18foot Donzi. This boat came from the factory with a 454 mercruiser engine and TRS drive. Riggs marine has since added Kiekaefer tabs and Lathem steering. My boat has 200 original hours on it. I'm curious if anybody knows what model this might be. Most Donzis have a flat deck. Mine actually tapers upward toward the steering wheel. My engine hatch lifts to the side unlike most that lift to the rear. It also has two bolt on scoops at the rear portion of the engine hatch. I've been told that this was for clearance of the rear type exhaust riser that was originally on the boat. I had a set of water jacketed headers made earlier this year. I'm the second owner of this boat and it is in near perfect condition. It's colors are a light beige hull with a dark brown stripe up the center. The interior has two bucket seats and a rear bench. The dashboard and side interior is also factory upholstered. My boat has been radared at 82mph. This is a Great website and my hat goes off to all that helped put it together!
1/5/98 12:31:14 AM Mike Devlin Attention Jim Bishop; I believe your boat may be a model X-18 I Know of a 1972 X-18 that sounds a lot like your boat.
1/5/98 10:15:15 AM cliff I am still looking for a vintage 16ft in need of redo. Does anyone have one or information as to where I can get one. Thanks, Cliff
1/5/98 1:54:34 PM cliff I am still looking for a vintage 16ft in need of redo. Does anyone have one or information as to where I can get one. Thanks, Cliff
1/6/98 11:18:18 PM Dave Hollifield Happy to have found this site!! I live on Lake Wylie in Charlotte NC. I have owned only Don Aronow boats as an adult (4 to date). A 24'Cigarette; a 1972 18 2+3 with a Hollman-Moody 351 Windsor W/ Volvo O.D.; a 1972 22' Super Nova with a Hollman-Moody 427 w/ vee-drive. This boat was custom built for H-M and originally used as a test platform. Hell-of-a-boat!! Wish I had'nt let it go!! Presently own a 1986 18 2+3 R/W with modified Merc 350 w/ Alpha O.D. and cleaver prop. 70+ mph. Not the fastest, but nothing can out perform it for wake jumping, handling, and ride. Better than an E-Ticket at Disney World. Does anyone remember the "Champ" line? Friends on lake had 2 in early '70s. Same as 18 2+3 except had bubble type engine hatch and wrap-around seating that eliminated the front passenger seat.
1/8/98 10:20:48 AM MattG Looking for a Donzi...first-time buyer...and I can't figure out which years are the best and why. I have heard that anything other than when OMC owned Donzi is a good bet. Otherwise, can anyone describe which years are the best and why? Beyond the engine, what makes a pre-1975 Donzi better than a 1983 or 1995 Donzi? Thanks for your input.
1/13/98 8:02:47 PM Dave My father has recently purchased his second Donzi (see 1966 *ca-66ss for his first) which is a 1986 Z25. He has started to go over it piece by piece and has come across a part never seen before. He has tried to find anyone who can source one, but has yet been unsuccessful. The part is a type of 'flush valve' for the engine. The only markings are 'J.P. Marine Products, Miami, Florida". It looks like a 'T' with 1.25"o.d. ends on top, and a 0.5" hose fitting on the bottom. The is a hydraulic valve to close flow on the one top end. If anyone out there can provide more information, we would appreciate it. Thanks
1/13/98 8:07:59 PM Dave Hollifield FYI - About a year ago I had a new rear seat bottom for my 18 2+3 made by John Harmon; Bilt Rite Upholstery; Rt#1 Box 514-9; Macclenny, FL 32063; 904.259.4807 . I sent him a piece of the red piping and white seat fabric for color match. The new seat was a perfect match in color and craftsmanship. John has the patterns for all models and has made Donzi's upholstery for many years. I highly recommend him if you want OEM interiors. Care Tips: My seats are 14 years old, white w/ red piping and are in "like new" condition. The only reason the rear seat bottom had to be replaced was some unknown solvent drop got on the seat and hardened a spot which cracked the vinyl. Tips: 1. Do not let seats bake in sun or get rain soaked. 2. Do not let guests step in seats. 3. Use only oil-free sun block and tan lotions. (I provide my own for guests). 4. Use only cleaners specificly made for "soft vinyl". Use of 409; purple/green stuff; bleach containing mildew removers will dry out and ruin your seats. 5. Remove seats, clean, and store at end of season. Hope this helps.!! When blasting along in your Donzi, just remember - "Watch out for the hard stuff around the edges".
1/13/98 8:44:15 PM Dave Hollifield Dave - In response to your question about the flush valve. Some tips: The small end of the device should connect to the garden hose connection usually located on the transom. Purpose is to allow flushing of coolant system with fresh water esp. after running in salt. The spring loaded valve inside is a one-way valve to keep the flush water from running out the water pick-up in the lower unit and direct water through the engine and water jackets. Use this flush method only with the engine off or you will burn out the impeller in the lower unit!! If you run engine use "ear-muff" water connection on water pick-up. If your engine ever overheats check this valve. Debris has been known to keep the valve from opening, causing overheating. The guts of this device can be removed or entire device deleted if you don't use the transom flush connection. When you re-install be sure the one-way valve is on the raw-water intake side. Hope this helps!!
1/13/98 11:41:57 PM Dave Hollifield While reading past messages I noticed several inquiries for Donzi sales portfolios. I have a Donzi Portfolio which has the complete line when I bought my latest Donzi new in 1986 (18 2+3). This Portfolio was used for a couple of model years, so is undated. I also have the complete 1988 Portfolio. Would be happy to send anyone a photocopy of their boat spec. for those years. E-MAIL:
1/14/98 3:25:36 AM Mike Devlin Cliff I have a 1966 17' Barrell Back."hull only" with hatch,driver seat, stearing"T-Flex", instruments, some hardwear.Needs drive-trane, glass work, bench cushion, windshield, paint, TLC. Make me an offer. Hull is mint.
1/14/98 8:29:27 AM k . kohler I have been the proud owner of a 1972 18 2+3 since new.I have always wondered if an classic donzi club would catch on similar to corvette clubs. I run in south jersey. Ralph Savarese -stickers are a great idea
1/14/98 6:01:10 PM Frank Civitano K. Kolher- Hello. I was wondering myself if there was a Donzi Club, if not I like to see if we can form one. I'm from South Jersey also. I run the Barnegat Bay area. From Pt. Pleasant all the way to Great Bay. And if I can't drive by boat I will just slap my 16 on a trailer and take her where ever.
1/15/98 5:43:30 PM Mike Devlin Frank Civitano vs. Donzi Club; We have one in up state NY. The base is the Lake George Boat Co. For info call Rick or Dave at 518-656-9203. PS if your in Sea Side Park say hello to my Uncle Paul at Southern Mobil. I turned wrenches there for five years. Spent lots of time on Barnegat Bay.
1/15/98 7:03:19 PM Frank Civitano Mike Devlin. To your response thank you. And next time I'm in the park I sure will. Is that the Mobil station near Grog's Surf Shop? This summer we plan on dragging our Donzi up to New York to drive the Hudson and some of the Lakes. Maybe I will see you up there. Frank C. Toms River, NJ
1/17/98 2:05:30 PM Mike Devlin Frank Civitano vs. Sea Side Park. NO not the one neer Grog's. Go south past the fire house accross from Betty & Nick's bate and tackle. Formerly Southern Gulf. Hope to see you on Lake George. Note: "Donzi Rally" labor day weekend.
1/17/98 3:24:46 PM Frank Civitano Mike Devlin. Now I know what station your talking about we pass that station when we go to Island State park. How many boats go to the Rally and what day? That week is one of my vacation days. May see you then' Frank.
1/17/98 8:18:33 PM Mike Devlin Frank Civitano; vs. The Gas Station, My Uncle Paul's Gas station has ben a land mark on the island since 1930 something. I miss it very much ! Old man Sterling Flicroft taught me some of the best old school tricks. He still has the 1937 Chevy Road service truck with original paint,"phone # 9" MINT ! He will tell you I was one of the best mechanics to ever work them bay's. One year we were AAA station of the month.I worked over 100 road calls,"mostly lock outs". Beach bum bitches with key's in the trunk. Not to mention all the trucks I snatched off the beach
1/18/98 11:43:24 PM BRYANT Response to Willy. The shift problem you describe is NOT something you should live with. Any good mechanic would check the shift cable from the lower unit to the motor. Chances are that there is a kink or a sharp bend in the cable. I have seen this problem in the past.
1/18/98 11:47:06 PM BRYANT In response toCliff, THE OLD TIME BOAT COMPANY in Sarasota Florida has the oldest surviving 16 classic, hull # 003. I believe it may be for sale.
1/21/98 1:32:35 PM Cliff Mike Devlin - I tried your e-mail but it was not known to the server??? Anyway, how can I get in touch with you relative to the 17ft hull. Also, interesting that you are at Lake George - during the summer I am at Schroon Lake.
1/22/98 8:18:22 PM Frank Civitano Hello everyone, Well its the 22nd of Jan and we have 8 more weeks of Winter and it will be spring. Donzi days are coming and Im getting my spring list ready. Hope to see some of you out on the water soon.
1/22/98 9:29:00 PM Rick can any one tell me what a 28'donzi w no engines(V-drives intact) is worth. I've be told it is a 1967 but how can you tell. Thanks for any help
1/22/98 10:23:23 PM Jim Is anybody else going to make it to the Miami Boat Show in Feb? We make a stag trip out of it and call it our yearly hunting trip.
1/26/98 8:13:16 AM Bud Have opportunity to purchase 1972 18' Classic , looks great and available for $7500.00 with trailer. What are your thoughts on price and anything I should be looking for? Will be using in salt water, is freshwater cooling available as aftermarket? Thanks.
1/27/98 10:04:06 AM hi young donzi boy here. love the site, love the classics. Pround new owner of 18 2+3 classic hony red . worked 350 Isky cam, Holly 4barrel malloriey wires and hot plugs. to make the beast move the classic is driven with 3 blade clever. no b paint
1/30/98 12:23:50 AM Bill Boerner Bud, For a good quality fresh water cooling unit for most inboard engines, you might try San Juan Engineering in Bellingham, Wash. I have installed a few of their units and they were well built. Saw an ad in Boat Trader the other day and there was a 1988 20 ft. Donzi Minx. Unfortunately the photo was with a full canvas, so I still don't know what it looks like. Does anyone have any info?