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The Classic Donzi Registry

The Classic Donzi Registry is a collective of information about the models of a boat called DONZI. We hope to preserve this, deserved, special place in marine history by presenting information and documentation .

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2/2/98 6:55:42 PM Norman Agnew Hello fellow Donzi lovers! I have a '68 sweet sixteen, which is a coincdance because I am 16! But anyway I have a piece of original Donzi memoribilia for sale, it fits a 1969-1973 Donzi, it is a emblem for the shift knob in really good condition, I have no idea what it is worth, but know that this piece is rare because of the frequent loss of it. A description of it is DONZI MARINE in gold on the edge and in the middle it has the now famous DONZI crest in the middle on a blue background. make me an offer!
2/4/98 6:17:18 AM Patrick Gallipoli Great web page! I have recently purchased a 1995 22ft Classic with a 7.4L engine and Bravo 1 drive. It's great being a Donzi owner!! Any information regarding clubs located around the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland would be greatly appreciated.
2/5/98 3:09:56 PM Bud Mauger Bill, thanks for info regarding "on board fresh water cooling". My search continues and have located other 18' 2+3's, if anyone knows of any others available 1969 to 74, please contact me @ 610-644-4000 PA(day) and thanks.
2/5/98 6:27:43 PM avickers I'm looking at a late '70s Donzi that claims to be 19'. It's a 2+3 and has a small-block Chevy w/ Volvo drive & high-mounted exhausts. Going to put it in the water this weekend for a cruise. Has anyone heard of this configuration? I can't find much on Donzis, but have found nothing on a 19 footer -- mostly 16s, 18s & 22s. Boat is dirty, but appears to be in excellent condition. What should it be worth?
2/7/98 6:01:02 PM Norman Agnew Hello once again can't wait DONZI weather will soon return. If any of you would like to read about the father of Donzi, Mr. Don Aranow there is a book out about him, BLUE THUNDER by Thomas Burdick, did you know Aranow was the father to Cigarette, Formula,Magnum, as well as DONZI? Amazing, but anyway I found the book highly informative and interesting. The ending of the Aranow empire was tragic. See everyone on the water.-Norm
2/8/98 10:57:08 AM Peter Avelini Howard Ochs! I've lost your e_Mail adress. Please write me. Peter
2/8/98 11:13:20 AM Michael (theWebster) Hi Peter! I think Howard's new email is the one linked to his name at the new page for 1966 literature, off the collateral materials link until I have the time to rearrange everything around here. It shows there as
2/10/98 4:25:31 AM Peter Avelini I've got a DONZI 18 from 1981 with a Mercruiser 350cci. I now want to get a new exhaust system. Has anyone experiance with satainless and aluminium systems. There a various on the market. How does the aluminium behave in the salt water? I also am looking for an original windsreen. Offers are welcome. Thank's, Peter
2/10/98 9:36:14 PM Mike Devlin -----Michael (the webster) thank you very much for all your hard work on getting the photos of my 1967 up to the site ! I Know you mentioned something about the $--vs.--time issue in your E- mail to me. If there is any way I can help you out please let me know. Once again thank you they look great, nice job !
2/12/98 4:42:37 AM brian i have been threatening to buy a DONZI for the past 10 years. this is the year. considering a 18 2+3 or a 22 2+3. any reccommendations for lake erie use? does anyone have any info on the 21GT's? How many built and what years? i fell in love with one when i was a kid and have not seen one in years.
2/12/98 12:10:20 PM Forrest Coile Recommended reading: "Don Aronow, King of Thunderboat Row" by Michael Aronow, ISBN 0945903227
2/14/98 9:08:22 AM Gary Hey Dave! How is the work on that Z-25 going? I just got my interior back. I can't wait for warmer weather to put it back together
2/15/98 12:11:29 AM Mike Kukla I'm a lifelong Donzi lover, but there comes a point when some of the toys gotta if anyone knows of someone looking for a Donzi, I'm selling all three of mine......first I've got a 1994 Sweet Sixteen with less than ten hours that I bought new for my wife, but she never used it ($14,000 or best); second I've got a 1977 18' 2+3 with a stout 350 and the 280 Volvo outdrive ($9,000 or best); third I've got a rare 1979 22' Criterion with a new 502 fuel injected engine and the Mercruiser TRS outdrive ($15,000 or best). All boats are in excellent condition and each has a trailer. If you would like any further information, please call me in Fenton, Michigan @ 810-750-6430 or e-mail me. I'll be a Donzi owner again someday.
2/18/98 12:16:51 AM don stocks I recently purchased a 23' donzi w/twin 302 HM's. I'm having a hard time finding technical on the hull and engines.Any info would be greatly appriciated! I was also told it may be a sweet 23 and a ex-coastgaurd boat that was not avaliable to the public w/ twins?
2/18/98 7:26:05 PM Frank To Don-The boat that sounds like the one you own that was used for the Goverment and the Coast Guard which was manufactured by Donzi at 2940 N.E. 1 88th Street, N. Miami, Florida 33160. It was a 7 meter 23 foot special edition Hornet. I got this info. out of the Boat Buyers Annual 1968 New Boat Directory.
2/20/98 8:02:39 PM Jeff Stone Hi Donzi fans. I recently purchased a 1966 18' Classic (hull #83) fit with the original Holman & Moody built 289 coupled to an Eaton Interceptor O/D. The power train needs to be replaced. I plan to install either a Volvo 270 or 270T (w/ hyd trim) and have both. The boat has full width metal cavitation plates electrically actuated. Is a trimmable O/D needed? I have an original Chevy 350 LT-1 for power(365 HP). The boat will be used only in lake Tahoe at 6,200' el. What kind of performance can I expect? Would appreciate any help or ideas on the proper setup of this boat. Thanks, Jeff Stone.
2/21/98 8:59:12 AM Bob Griffin Does anyone know of a Volvo 270T or 280T that available? I want to replace my electric tilt 270 with the hydrolic lift.Thanks
2/24/98 1:34:39 AM Noel Robinson I'm looking for KENT MEDLAND - a fellow Donzi owner from Austin in 1979. We lived on Lake Austin and had THREE Donzi's parked in our back yard. Kent had an 18 2+3 and I had an X-18 and a 16 with a 200 Evinrude. I moved to Florida and am now back. If anyone knows of Kent's whereabouts, PLEASE let me know. Once a Donzi owner, always a Donzi person. Thank you.
2/25/98 8:13:01 AM Ian Matthews I am looking to purchase a 18ft 2+3, built between 1970 and 1985. The boat should be in excellent condition and preferably original gelcoat. Please contact me if you've got a boat you'd like to sell or know where I might find one
2/27/98 1:12:04 PM Chris Brown Black Hawk Outdrive Change -- Any of you knowledge Donzi fans have experience with, or an opinion about, how the performance characteristics of a 22' Black Hawk change when its surface drive is retro-fitted with a Merc Bravo-1? Your insights are appreciated. cb
2/27/98 1:12:15 PM Chris Brown Black Hawk Outdrive Change -- Any of you knowledge Donzi fans have experience with, or an opinion about, how the performance characteristics of a 22' Black Hawk change when its surface drive is retro-fitted with a Merc Bravo-1? Your insights are appreciated. cb
2/27/98 5:47:44 PM Mike Devlin ---Jeff Stone vs. 1966 out drive and trim. Jeff I have a 1966 18' Barrel Back that was equipted with a Merc.Cru. out Drive, it did not come with any other trim options other than the trimmable out drive. If I were you I would keep the original drive on the boat... If you are going to power it up with that LT , you will need to drop the trim tabs deep to keep the bow down during air time.
3/2/98 6:14:03 PM christian hi, my brother and i are looking for a classic. condition is not a major concern, we like projects. looking for an older one no new ones, they are made not as well. any help would be great.
3/3/98 5:01:40 PM Don Kerr I am looking at a '76 18' classic with a Holman-Moody(sp?) 427 with a Volvo 280 outdrive. Is there any information regarding performance and reliability available? Even verbal accounts would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!! Don
3/3/98 6:02:26 PM Russ Kilby wondering if site is still active? I own 1966-16 donzi-owned since 1980-spent the last 2 yrs painting solid red with white stripe. Like most other owners--i love the boat and hope to have all completed soon! powered by ford 302-merc outdrive 14 x 19" prop=60 mph. looking for more HP out of the 302!! -pulled top off in 85 to install factory alunimum tank. Also installed mercruser 888 outdrive at same time. Eaton outdrive was a major problem!!
3/7/98 9:56:18 AM Steve Cooke Gentlemen: I have visited this Webpage on several occassions and have been very interested in the conversation here. I am writing because I have an opportunity to buy a boat, and I am seeking any and all comments from anyone with Donzi knowledge to help me to make a wise decision to buy, or not to buy this boat. The boat is a 1966 20ft. Donzi "St. Tropez". This is an open, center console fisherman. It was professionally restored in 1996 (owner showed me the pictures), the work is top quality and the boat has many upgrades. Features include: Full restoration of all fiberglass: hull, stringers, boxes, motor mounts, floor, and deck, everything, inside and out. New Imron paint on all surfaces. No slip finish on floor. Power: 1996 1/2 Mercruiser Generation Plus 350 (303 hp. at prop) Bravo outdrive,S.S. prop., 60 hours. Owner says 64 knots on GPS. 3 yrs. left on 5 yr. factory warranty transferrable to new owner. Engine has remote controlled muffler system. Driver can select exhaust through the transom or outdrive while underway. S.S. Radar arch, 64 gal. plastic gas tank, dual batteries. Wiring, gauges, steering, lights, bilge pumps(2), and hardware, chocks, cleats, etc. are all new. Boat has all the Donzi stickers. Trailer included. I would appreciate any comments on the following: What are the specifications for the "St. Tropez"? Is the length really 20 ft.? What is the history of this model? How many were made? What years, etc.? Is it a good design? Are there any inherent problems with the hull or the performance? Are there any special things I should look for to be sure the restoration was done properly? The owner says he has some of the original pieces. Are these of any value? Which ones? How much? What is a realistic price to pay for this boat? What price could I expect to sell it for in 3-5 yrs.? I plan to use the boat for cruising (64 knots!?) and light sport fishing (blues, strippers)in saltwater along the Connecticut shore. What do you think? Please respond here or E-mail to: Thanks Steve Cooke
3/7/98 7:37:24 PM Frank Chris. Donzi from 1994 up are made from the same platform as the old ones. When American Boat Holding co took over from O.M.C they built the boat as a tribute to the orig. I own a 1996 16 and I see the workmanship and for a new boat they did not skimp on any detail same solid hull and weight and they use Mercruiser . I had my 16 in the Ocean 6 times. I braved 8ft rollers even had her airborne several times not even a crack or a bolt lose. Boating magazine wrote the boat as a pocket rocket wiith Quality wokmanship as they put it Don would have been proud.believe me after owning an origional and now owning a new one I dont regret it. Still the Best ever made. Donzi owner forever.
3/8/98 5:09:45 PM christian Hi everyone. Frank i understand the boat is made from the same platform but the transome doesn't extend all the way. take a look, a couple of inches are missing from either side. the fiberglass is laied in but the wood is cut short. now for a question. have an 86 18classic. in the foot/ski area there is a knocking sound. is there a way to sure that area up? it seems like it is just hanging in there. any suggestions would help.
3/8/98 6:04:12 PM Mike Devlin Steve Cooke vs. 1966 St. Tropez; Steve if you measure from bow to stern at the deck top you should get 19' 5" . The St. Tropez is the same hull as the Hornet. To officially class the length of a boat they measure horizontal distance from the tip of the bow extention to point on the transom where the boat last contacts the water at plane. Because the Hornet was V-driven and when you account for the angle of the transom, it's a 19' boat. Because the St. Tropez is an I/O it's a 20' boat. I have only seen one St. Tropez ever ! " Lake George, NY" I am shure only a handfull were made in 1966, If you have not yet taken this boat for a ride, you will find it to be the smoothest riding rough water boat ever made. ..... If the price is right. grab it !
3/8/98 6:05:13 PM Ralph Savarese uel steering cable system does any body know what I would have to get from teleflex. Helm, cables, ect. I want added strength because of a high speed torque steer problem when I installed the volvo outdrive. I don't want to go with a no feed back system I am afraid that I will lose handling because of the ratio.
3/9/98 5:14:24 PM Kent Perroux Ralph, For your cable steering system; I am not sure why to dont want a non-feedback system. A hydraulic steering system (like Hynautic)is much safer. When you hit waves diagonally you will just go through them without having to fight it. I have a Volvo 280 with hynautic. I even let my 10 year old daughter drive at 50+. The next level up is power assisted external steering, but the Hynautic works fine. (Also, you CAN change the steering ratio with hydraulic.)
3/9/98 7:22:41 PM Ray Ski Thanks to everyone for providing all the great info,pictures etc. Anyone with info,pictures,specs,parts for a 79 hornet 2 ?
3/11/98 3:59:17 PM Rick can anyone e-mail me a better copy of the 1966 Donzi 28' with specs. Thanks
3/12/98 11:59:28 AM john constantino Hi guys, I just bought a 1968 classic donzi! The boat is in excellent condition but is missing the carpet.Do you think someone can help in finding a new replacment? I live in the tampa bay area in florida. Any help would greatly be appreciated. THANK YOU JOHN CONSTANTINO
3/12/98 3:36:49 PM Rod Burgess Most Donzi's I've seen have a rounded hull at the transom. My hull is a sharp V keel all the way to the transom. My bottom strakes ( I'm not sure what they're called), run to the end of the transom, unlike others that end 4 feet from the transom. Are there any other boats out there like the one I have described? Is there anyone out there with a transom like that on their Donzi? By the way, my boat is a 68 2x3 Classic. Thanks.
3/13/98 5:28:02 PM Ralph Savarese Rod, H I have a 1966 18' 2+3 it is called the barrel back style are you sure this is a 68 and not a 66 because the barrel back ended in late 66! I believe the part you are referring to on the hull is the bottom chine I don't know when the chine was shortened.                    
3/14/98 11:10:45 AM G Since no one has posted on the Corsica, I will. I had a 1967 hull # 17 Corsica 18. It had a 302 H&Moody w/a 200 volvo outdrive. I loved this style boat. Smaller cockpit then the 2+3 since ski hatches were built into the sides. This was a tender & never used till I bought it in 84. I rebuilt it entirely & didn't need to replace the gas tank! I painted it with emron white deck & cockpit, grey sides, red water stripe, white bottom. Back then Ft. Lauderdale was clearing out there old Donzi site & I was able to pick up tons of odds & ends for old Donzi's. I never finished the windshield. I met Don Aranow in his shop on thunder boat row, he thought I was nuts & politely diclined to help me locate one. I Spoke w/Jim Wynn the hull designer & he thought I was nuts too. He, at the time was building much larger boats. But remebered who made the windshield. I contacted them & they still had the mold!; never got one though. I may still have some of the old stickers somwhere including the dashboard & railing. When I finished the boat it looked & was perfect! Like a 63 Corvett in the garage. People would ask how fast that new Donzi went? They thought I was pulling there leg when I told them it's a 67. Sold it to someone in the isliands & still regret it. BTW Blue Thunder is more fiction then fact. Ben Kramer killed or had Don killed. He is rotting in Jail but did try to break out with a helecopter. Ben was running Apache at the time. Also a word on Jim Wynn he died some years ago from a heart attack. But his 23.3 formula mold is the most copied hull ever. This hull was used for Rampone, Oceanic, Seevee, White Water, Tsunami, Contender, & several others. Love the site G. in Miami
3/17/98 9:28:23 PM Kent Perroux Time to move up to a larger boat. 1983 Donzi 18' 2+3. Left side steering. Blue/White original gelcoat. Balanced/semi-blueprinted 355ci, steel crank, HD rods, ARP rod bolts/head bolts, TRW forged pistons, 7 quart Milodon oil pan, remote filter, DART sportsman heads, port matched, bowls blended, SS valves (2.02/1.60), 320degree/.488 lift Crane cam (6500rpm redline), guide plates, roller rockers, Corvette Alum. valve covers. Weiand dual plane intake, Holly 715cfm. Stainless Marine Alum. exhaust manifold, SS extended legth risers, thru-hull 4" SS tips. Donzi Grey snap-in carpet. Hyhraulic steering, Halon system, bennett trim tabs, foot throttle. Original Volvo SS prop and 14.5x26 lab finished chopper. Blueprinted hull. Engine built for max HP at 6000 reliable rpm, but propped for cruising all day 55mph @ 3600rpm. Top speed with 26" chopper 60+ @4200, faster if you want prop down. Recent Aluminum custom tandam axel trailer with brakes. Bulletproof Volvo 280 outdrive (with nosecone). Boat shows like new. Runs better than new, and sounds VERY BAD! Email me for pictures if interested. Hate to sell, I finally got this thing set up right, but I want a bigger boat. $16,000
3/20/98 2:56:01 PM Gene Help!!!! Where am I going to find two engine hatch latches like the ones that came with my boat? I have a 1966 18 - 2+3 with 3 engine hatches. The boat came without any hardware at all. Both the outboard engine hatches have recesses for a flush mounted latch, I found the latch for sale in a catalog and purchased two of them only to find out that the "Quality Marine Hardware" I purchased was junk. Now I don't know what to do. I'm thinking I should get the new Donzi engine hatch latches. Anyone got ideas on what to do?
3/21/98 7:06:36 PM Bob Griffin This is a thank you message to everyone that sent Info and pictures on removing the gas tank from my '67 2+3.The tops off and the tank is out. Now I just need to remember how everything goes back together
3/25/98 9:52:23 AM Rick Still looking for picture of 66 28' donzi with specs. can any one help me . The on on line I can't read .Thanks
3/25/98 7:32:44 PM Fred Need some help! I am sorry to just walk in on the classic page but have recently purchased a 1989 Donzi Ragazza and can't seem to find any information at all. I have called Donzi and since the company was sold they don't seem to be willing to help with anything past a certain model year. Does anyone know where I might find an owners manual or be able to get any spare parts for a 1989 Ragazza. Would appreciate any help at all pointing me in the right direction. Thanks Fred Miller
3/26/98 3:57:30 PM dick cassidy how old does a donzi have to be? mine is a 89 but from reading your material it might be to new so i'd thought i'd ask. also is there a place donzi owners get together for parts? i could use a few if thats the case . well thanks for your time.