The Classic Donzi Registry
The Classic Donzi Registry

The Classic Donzi Registry is a collective of information about the models of a boat called DONZI. We hope to preserve this, deserved, special place in marine history by presenting information and documentation .

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6/4/98 1:45:35 AM Peter Is there a classic classified page for Donzi's on the web... Looking for a 70's 18 2+3 in good condition...Powder blue if possible... Please e-mail with any info... thanks...
6/4/98 9:10:59 AM Howard Ochs Here is the most complete classified listings I have found on the 'net for just about anything under the sun:
6/4/98 11:45:29 AM Emmette Peter, I found this boat by doing a search on 1972 Donzi Classic , 18 feet, Blue and white. 350 magnum. Very good condition. New interior., $7,900.00, (919) 781-2203 Location: Raleigh, NC There are several 18's listed there
6/4/98 11:52:51 AM Robert C. Graham Help!!!, I have a 1967 Sweet Sixteen it has 302 Holman-Moody equipped with a 270 Volvo outdrive. The problem I'm having is with the outdrive ( I 've worked on engines but not much on outdrives ) so I'll describe the problem. 1) While running at speed there is an osolating vibration that can be felt and heard. 2) If turned to the left or right (to the max) and under power there is a severe vibration and noise. The harder the load the more severe the symptoms. There is nothing loose externally so I was wondering could this be one of the universal joints failing that connects the engine to the outdrive?? I would appreciate any help . Robert
6/4/98 5:08:01 PM Kent Perroux Robert, Yes, it is very likely it is your universal joints because when you turn it gets worse. Kent
6/8/98 9:07:01 AM Gene All you Florida Donzi Owners - Attention!!! Let's get together for the 1st Annual Donzi Cruise/Poker Run. Location: Islamorada, Florida Keys. Date: July/August (date open) 1998. We need participants! Bring the family. Guaranteed fun. Time is running out, we need a boat count to make plans. Also, don't forget to try and make it to the American Offshore Power Boat races in Palm Beach August 15 & 16, there will be Grand Prix as well as the offshore thunderboat bad boys. Email me for a form for the cruise, we'd like to see everyone there, whether or not your boat is running, (you could ride with one of us). Or maybe you sold your Donzi and are looking to get another one? Come on down! Maybe you are between Donzis and are running around in one of those "other" boats? So what? Come on Down! Let's make this a success, get a form, get together with a bunch other Donzi nuts.
6/8/98 5:48:03 PM Kevan I have found a Classic Donzi Club on Lake George in New York, and this Saturday, June 13th, they are having a get-together at the Algonquin Restaurant near Bolton Landing at noon. There's no fee, as lunch is off the menue and it's a cash bar. They are having a speaker at 1 o'clock to talk about proposed noise ordinances, and a photo parade and cruise will follow. If any of you out there want to join us, c'mon over!
6/10/98 4:56:30 PM John Shahbas 1970 19' Green Hornet. V Drive, Holman Moody Ford 460. All Original. Have all of the Sales Brochures. The Wa-Lo is her name. The President of Coke Cola Was original owner from Tenneessee. This boat is the cadillac of all boats. Very Sweet! I am also interested in an early 28' Donzi. Let me know if you here of one. See ya on the lake.
6/10/98 5:04:07 PM Kathy Shahbas I have a 1971 Sweet 16 with a 351 Windsor Holman Moody Ford. Also has a Volvo Speedmaster outdrive and cruises around 60mph. Fast enough for this little Rocket. John gave this to me for an Anniversary Present because I would never let him in His Boat. Blue resides in St. Pete Beach, Florida and is garage kept. What a beauty. Can't say I am not the luckiest girl on the Ocean. See if you can catch me!
6/10/98 9:14:36 PM JD How many classic are on the pacific coast
6/11/98 12:21:44 PM kathy Gene: In response to your e-mail: I read your blurb, sounds like great fun. Hope john and i are in town for the event. We work in AZ most of the time. e-mail back - lost your address
6/12/98 12:31:05 AM victor At age 12 or thirteen I had the opportunity to drive my first Donzi, a 1978 or 77' 24or 28 foot donzi spirit, I can't remember exactly the LOA. I also had the full brochures on every model for that year but those have since been lost but I've been hooked ever since. I am without a boat now but cover all the used adds looking for a Donzi Spirit for sale any suggestions?, I would love the opportunity to restore one.
6/14/98 10:45:52 PM Don Stocks I have a 1969 23' Donzi w/ twin 302 Holman Moody's. I recently purchased this boat and know very little about it. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appriciated. What little I do know is that it has 351 4bl heads and volvo 280 outdrives. Please talk to me!
6/15/98 11:01:41 AM Howard Ochs Don, sounds like you may have missed this page right here in the registry: We'd all love to have you take some photos and send them to the registry, you'd be the first of it's kind here!
6/15/98 11:39:46 AM Emmette I pulled the engine out of my boat this weekend. I have been told that this was a 302, but it has factory tags that indentify this as a 1967 289 271hp engine. The boat is a 1970. I have also seen many boats that list the engine as a 302 that are older than mine. Does anyone else have a 302 with similar markings?
6/15/98 4:53:15 PM Brian Looking for a blackhawk can you help?
6/17/98 8:52:56 PM victor Looking for a 24' Spirit 1970's, in the Northeast
6/19/98 7:17:03 AM tony I am looking this weekend at a sweet sixteen (1990) that is equipped with an 4.3 OMC with through the prop hub exhaust. Is is possible, or wise to think that a through hull exhaust option could be added?
6/25/98 9:08:41 AM Howard Ochs For those of you who may have not noticed yet, The Webster has spruced up the site. I see the link bar has been streamlined and lots of new boats have been added to the registry, some with some great photos (yes, there's a nice V-Drive in there too)! Thanks Webster!!
6/25/98 10:22:29 AM Bob Hickey Hi! I just registered Hull #C16-626 on behalf of a friend of mine. This is an all original '71 sweet 16 that my friend would like to sell. The boat is currently listed in the S/W Florida edition of the Boat Trader@10,900. We are looking for that special Donzi lover that is willing to continue the tradition by making a reasonable offer. Email me and I'll forward a photo. Thanks, this is a great site!
6/25/98 9:12:30 PM Grady O'Donnell I recently viewed the 1971 16 Bob Hickey just posted a message about. This boat is in great shape and for all of the Ford lovers out there the boat has all the Holman-Moody goodies. The boat has a white deck with reddish-orange hull sides and stripe. Interior and all dash equipment appear ORIGINAL. You will not be dissapointed in this boat. I would consider the boat myself but I still have to sell my 1996 18 Classic and my 1972 Corvette before I buy anything else. This boat is worth a look!
6/28/98 11:54:52 PM Victor There is a 1969 Hornet 19 for sale in Salem CT. This boat has a HMM 427 side oiler and is almost completeley restored, if interested see autopedia boat trader and search northeast for Donzi.
6/29/98 10:15:20 AM Howard Ochs I found the boat Victor is pointing can be found at They say they'll "entertain offers over $70,000". That's entertaining in and of itself!
6/30/98 3:44:40 PM Bev Herkenratt I am looking for a fairly "newly-used" Donzi. I would love to have an open bow - any year from 1991 - on. I live in Minnesota, but would be willing to drive to another state to purchase the right boat and the right price. Any help in fulfilling my dream of owning a Donzi would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
7/2/98 9:24:54 AM kathy Hey all you Donzi fans. John and I are in Florida for the 4th of July. We are going to the Boat races in Sarasota this weekend. You all need to come if you can. The Boat parade is at St. Armands Circle on Friday, starts at 11am and sat. are the races in the Gulf. You know what we all really need? We need to have some Donzi's in the race. You know we would all kick butt. You all have a great weekend, see ya at the races.
7/2/98 11:34:34 AM Mike $70,000.00 for a 1969 Hornet V-Drive is a good buy. Only 11 V-Driven Hornets were made. I have a 1967, I know of one other 1967."not for sale ever" I saw a 1968 on the deck of a fed ship in 1983. there is one other 1969 on the reg. That makes five. Show me another one.
7/3/98 7:28:02 AM Staffan Need a new propeller, have anybody of you donzi-freaks used OMC raker prop. I have 22 classic with an OMC460 running over 5000 rpm with a 23" SST II from OMC. Thinking of using a 25" OMC Raker. Do anyone have any recommendations for me. Sitting here in Sweden.
7/3/98 10:52:29 PM curt I have worked at donzi since 89 through all the owners ect. have access to lots of info email any questions
7/5/98 11:07:37 AM michael sergo i would like to buy a 16 ski sport in need off restoration so if anybody have or know about a16 footer in poor condition that is up 4 sale please contact me
7/5/98 10:26:40 PM Bernie I am trying to find what a fair value is for a 1973 21' GT with a new 440 Chrysler and a 280 Volvo in nice condition. It has original gel coat with no cracks or oxidation.
7/5/98 10:31:31 PM Bernie Does any one know how rare is a factory original 1973 19'Hornet with a 427 Mercruiser engine and a Type III Mercruiser outdrive? It is hull# c19h61.
7/6/98 3:49:33 PM Gene Schmidt Does anyone know where or how to get a Speedmaster drive for a Volvo 270? Thanks for the help. Gene
7/7/98 1:47:16 AM Jeff Stone Does anyone know of a source for a replacement gas tank for my 1966 18 classis? The rough dimensions are 24" wide X 38" long. I think the original is a 25 gallon. Thanks for any help.
7/7/98 12:09:29 PM Forrest Coile Michael Sergo your e-mail address is in incorrectly posted. Please repost you message with a corrected e-mail address.
7/8/98 11:00:09 AM Michael Saffron Just purchased a 1969 16'Ski Sporter in very good condition. The boat has a 302 Ford engine by Holman Moody which has been completely redone and now pushes approx. 285 Hp. & A Holman Moody outdrive. I actually had the exact same boat when I was 18 years old growing up on Long Island. I am now wondering why it took me so long to purchase another Donzi The only immediate work needed is a complete replacement of the interior as it is the original interior from 1969. After consulting with a few companies that do this type of work, I came across Bilt-rite Upholstery in MacLenny, FL.. I was told by Donzi they have the original interior patterns for all the Donzi's. I was shocked to learn their prices are almost half the cost of all the quotes I had received. Hopefuly this info will be of help to any other classic Donzi owners who are looking to have their interiors replaced. You can contact John or Sue Harmon@(904) 259-4807. They seem like great people to work with. Over the winter I plan to re gel coat the boat and try to update and restore the electrical, gauges, etc. Back to factory original condition or similar. I would appreciate anyone who can share any ideas on this to contact me. I am also looking for a wood shift knob with the Donzi racing team logo for a Morse setup. I look forard to hearing from anyone who has any ideas or suggestions. Happy boating!!
7/8/98 7:53:01 PM Gary Hey anybodygonna be at Lake George the week of July 18 ? I'll be there with my 86 Z-25 . I would like to hook up with some other Donzi's
7/8/98 8:29:46 PM Derek Rudge I am seeking information on several Donzi related topics, any one with coments or answers to these quesions, please reply by e-mail. 1. I currently own a 1966 Donzi 18' Classic with a 289 HMM engine and outdrive, the only numbers I can find on the boat is the number 18 written under the fiberglass in several parts of the boat. The boat also has the three part engine cover on it that I heard was limited to very early model Donzi's. Any kind of input or information would be appreciated. 2. Where can I get the British flag sticker for the side of my boat? 3. Is it possible to buy the "Donzi Marine- High performance power boats" metal script writing found on the sides of the early boats. Thanks for your help.
7/9/98 11:16:36 AM Kevan Lake George on the 18th-nothing that I know of, but you might try the Lake George Boat Co, as they are the local dealers. Also the Algonquin Rest. may be a good place to check in with. I was down there in June for the Spring Dust-off with 25 boats in the rain-it was great! If you don't know the lake, get a chart set, as it can be tricky. They don't use Coast Guard type bouys, and there are lots of rocky shoals. Sorry I didn't get back to you faster. Kevan Mayer
7/9/98 12:44:45 PM Pete F Gioielli I have just purchased a 22' classic with a 454/MPI pushing 385 HP, I only can peak@4100 RPM. Does anyone know of a prop I can use to provide more RPM and top end?
7/9/98 3:01:02 PM Matt I will soon begin building up an 18 2+3. It is a hull only and all the holes and ID have been filled in, it was used to make a mold from. Where can I look for a hull #? On my '82 22' it is on the right transom under the rub strip, but it doesn't appear to be there on the 18'. I am told it is a 1970. I'd like to register it but would like to find the # first.
7/9/98 8:39:44 PM Tony Has anyone heard of a 1972 16' Ski Sporter that is white with an orange stripe? I was told once that only a limited number of these were that true?
7/11/98 1:06:26 AM Matt Pete, You should be running at 4800 RPM for max HP on the 454 MPI, it should turn a 23" mirage, or 22" four blade for close to 70 MPH. What Prop are you running now, and do you have an accurate speed? The factory X dimensions tend to be too low for optimum speed, a stern jack may help.
7/12/98 9:01:47 AM michael sergo i am searching for a donzi 16 ski sport in need off restoration so iff anybody knows anything about a 16 footer in poor condition tat is up 4 sale please contact me (the e mail is right this time)
7/13/98 12:17:02 PM Matt Reinhart I saw an unusual Donzi for sale this weekend that might appeal to you V-drive lovers out there. It is an 18 footer with 350 Chevy and V-drive. This is the first one I have seen up close and was surprised by the externally mounted rudder. The polished aluminum rudder box on the transom is really a thing of beauty. Mechanically the boat looked like a 9, but cosmetically only about a 5 out of 10. If the V-drive Hornet is worth $70K (not to me), then this one is a good deal at one seventh the money. The owner is asking $9800 and can be reached at 410-819-0687 near Annapolis Maryland.
7/14/98 11:37:13 AM Gene Does anyone know how wide the stripe is on a 1966 18 2+3? I'm getting very close to completion on this. I will be painting the deck and would like to paint the stripe at the same time. I seem to remember it's supposed to be 8 inches? Thanks...
7/14/98 3:31:09 PM Matt You all must know where I can look for my hull # on my '70 18 2+3. Somebody please let me know.