The Classic Donzi Registry
The Classic Donzi Registry

The Classic Donzi Registry is a collective of information about the models of a boat called DONZI. We hope to preserve this, deserved, special place in marine history by presenting information and documentation .

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4/3/98 9:31:20 AM Todd Beaudoin I am looking for an 18' outbaord - what was the designation for it and how long was it built for. Any particular size outboards that it was fitted with?
4/4/98 9:38:51 AM RAY STROZEWSKI Anyone w/ info on 79 20' donzi hornet 2 ,pics,hardware availability etc. THANKS RAY S.
4/5/98 11:17:09 PM Dave Hollifield Hello! fellow Donzi folks. The weather here on Lake Wylie in Charlotte is getting great! In the midst of detailing the rocket, (waxonwaxoff), and decided it's time to replace the rub-rail. Looking for an after-market source of the stock material and will make contour bends myself. I know it's a common extrusion but don't know who distributes. Rail is the stainless convex, pre-drilled type with the short lip on the bottom edge. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks e-mail:
4/7/98 9:19:12 AM george hardie Anyone know anything about a 14' open-bow Donzi? How was it powered? How many made? I believe it's a 60's boat. Any info helpful. I seem to recall an article years ago on the restoration of a 14. Ring a bell?
4/7/98 8:04:34 PM Dave Hollifield Update on my earlier message: Found the rub-rail right here in Charlotte. West Marine the national retail and catalog company stocks the O.E.M rail used on many Classics. Extrusion is 1" aluminum, pre-drilled on 6" centers, in 12' sections for $39.00 each.
4/10/98 8:56:49 PM rick I just bought a sport crusier 30' looks like a donzi , but built buy sonny levi does any one know anything about this boat.Thanks I also have for sale 1967 28' donzi w/twin 260 volvo w /v-drives and tuna tower 12,500.00
4/12/98 12:37:57 AM Jed Hi I have a 70 16 footer I use on the Chain o Lakes in Antioch IL.I have done some restoration but never seem to finish.I don't know alot about the history of this boat,even it's age.It has a small block Ford.[302,not origanal,I know}and an EATON stern drive,that requires constant maintanance,but I love this boat,and I get alot of looks every time I take her out.Know what I mean?
4/12/98 9:15:54 PM Matt Reinhart I just sold my 17' Donzi Regazza so I can buy a real Donzi. I looked at a 1965 16' Ski Sporter, but am puzzled by the outdrive. It is marked Eaton, but looks like a Volvo. What the heck is an Eaton, and are parts available for them? Thanks, Matt (
4/13/98 3:25:10 PM Bob I am selling my '71 Donzi 18 2+3 It is white with red interior and red stripe. The boat is powered by a 289 Holman Moody engine and was rebuilt a few years ago. The outdrive is a Volvo 250. The boat has a newer trailer and is in overall great shape. She has allways been run in fresh water and is now located just west of Chicago. I am looking to sell her for $11,000 and would love to hear from anyone intrested. Bob
4/14/98 9:07:44 PM Arnie Caswell I'm looking for a Donzi discussion page for general information. Would like to know if anyone has driven a Donzi LXR, and what their impressions were. Thanks
4/15/98 10:41:34 AM Gene Subject: Donzi Stickers. Okay boys, someone out there MUST have an old set, (or new set) of Donzi stickers and emblems. I need the two on the hull that say Donzi in black letters and has the black circle around it. Also, the British flag and the Donzi Marine Emblem. Anyone got a set to sell? My '66 18 - 2+3 needs 'em bad, and getting anything from the factory is like pulling teeth from a bear. That brings up another bad subject. Why is it that the factory is not supporting those of us with older boats? We need to band together and form our own network. We need literature, shop manuals, and some kind of parts networking system. I ready to devote some time to it, but I can't do it without y'all. How 'bout it guys? And how about a Donzi Cruise to the Keys or something this summer? Any takers?
4/16/98 3:57:41 PM Steve Avery Gene, Read the discussion area history, a while back there were two sources for various stickers. One of them is Jim Cancil (owner of the page) and the other is Helen @ DONZI 800-446-6725. Note to Jim I'll try to get you some scanned images in the next month or two of my 69 Hornet "In The Red", I'm finally doing final assy. of motor, dash, chrome work etc. and will send copies of "deck off" restoration, new fuel cell, etc. etc. etc.. Sorry for the delay, I wish money grew on trees.
4/17/98 11:40:59 AM Iver Lyche Jr. I have just purchased a 1966 donzi 16 It has a knew engine that has been blue printed. It was a 275hp. witch now is a 310. It also has been restored to look like new . It is beautiful! I am still in the process of payment . I got the boat for 14,000. Does this seem like a resonable offer.Please write back. Would love to chat and learn more about your registry
4/21/98 1:54:05 PM stuart Am interested in purchasing a Donzi, 18' - 20', dont know as much as I'd like to - have seen a 77 18' and 76 19' classics. appreciate any warnings I should heed and things to look for on the boats which would identify trouble spots. Also any model or motor type I should avoid as well as pricing indications for the above two boats in restored condition. thanks in advance - this site is just what I was looking for.
4/22/98 8:44:46 AM Matt Reinhart I just bought a 1965 Donzi 16' for a restoration project. I have a few questions about splitting the deck/hull to replace some rotten wood core. 1) How many guys does it take to lift the deck? 2) Is there an easy way to cut the fibreglass blanket connecting the cockpit floor to the hull? 3) Is the rub rail seam glued together, or just screwed together?
4/23/98 4:12:58 PM Steve Avery Matt, Your deck should be liftable by 3-4 people, and it shouldn't be sealed unless someone else has done so. Reomove the rub rail screws, then the next layer of screw holding the deck to the hull. 4 people should easily be able to lift the deck. youy may want to use some 2x4 lengths to get extra leverage on the edge on the deck. Be carefull not to drag the deck on the hull as this action will shred the gel coat on the hull and possibly the deck as well!!! As far as cutting the fibeglass pieces that hold the floor to the deck, I used a die grinder with high speed cutting wheel. Don't be shy. I separated the deck / hull on my 1969 Hornet with 4 people and replaced it with the same number of people. Your deck has substantially less area than mine and you might be able to get away with only three people. Good luck!!!
5/1/98 9:25:56 PM steve broggi looking for windshield for a 1980 hornet II complete with frame.
5/3/98 9:43:29 PM Steve Miller I just purchased a "new" 1996 Model 18' 2+3 with a 5.7L and Alpha One. Since I can't leave well enough alone, I was wondering what aftermarket parts I could add to give me the most "bag for the buck"? Would different exhaust manifolds or heads be the answer? Any replys are appreciated. Thanks.
5/4/98 10:52:25 AM Royce I am interested in the Donzi Classics. I am looking for a 18'Classic, or possibly a 19'Hornet. Would anyone know how long they manufactured the Hornet 19? I also would prefer Mercruiser power if at all possible. I would like to hear from anyone who has any words of wisdom. PS. Love this page!
5/6/98 9:12:37 PM Norman Agnew Hello again Donzi lovers, the weather is finally here. A quick question, what is the difference between a "Sweet Sixteen" and The "Ski Sporter 16" Just wondering. Also what would be a fair price for a '66 Hornet with HO 427? V- drive as well it is in dire need of resto. Thanks for help!
5/7/98 3:48:16 PM Steve A. Norman, It all depends on what you consider bad condition. Are you buying or selling. If your selling I'm interested. I paid $4,000 for my 1969 Hornet with 427 Holman Moody w/v-drive. I've spent $20k+ on new motor, v-drive, fuel tank etc.,etc.,etc.. and still have $10k+ to go. The boat in excellent condition is pro very rare, and also very valuable. E-mail me direct with the specific condition of motor, drive, gel coat etc. Is it a single bench seat set-up?(vs. front/back seats. If your not interested in buying it, I'd appreciate a referral. Thanks.
5/9/98 9:02:47 AM Hank For Sale: 1970 Donzi 18ft Classic - Holman Moody 302, Volvo Outdrive. Yellow with white interior. Interior recently replaced as original. Runs great. Old, but usable trailer. Northern Alabama area.
5/12/98 2:00:07 PM Gene Does anyone know what the transom angle is on a 1966 18 2+3? Those in the know will tell you that you can not mount the outdrive properly without knowing that angle.
5/12/98 7:58:00 PM Brooks Lester Hope to be a future owner of a Donzi... Possibly, the new 21' cuddy... Most realistically, a Sweet 16. Absolutely beautiful boats, they have, for me at least, the allure and mystique of Porsche.
5/13/98 2:22:03 PM Forrest Coile Norman, to answer you question on what is the difference between the Sweet Sixteen and the Ski Sporter 16. Basiclly, the Sweet Sixteen is the "Classic" knock-off of the original 16 Ski Sporter. The 16 Ski Sporter was built from when Donzi opened it doors for business until the late '70s. The 16 Ski Sporter was dropped because the 18 2+3 flat out sold it, and the 18 was a better riding, better handling, and faster boat. In the late '80s the new owners decided to re-introduce the 16 Ski Sporter as the Sweet Sixteen. The Sweet Sixteen appears to come from the same hull mold, though the deck and cockpit have been changed from the original driver-on-the-left to driver-on-the-right. The glass work appears to be as good as the original Ski Sporter, but Donzi opted to use cheap off-the-shelf stamped s/s and plastic vents other cheap hardware as they now do on all of their boats. The original 16 and other true classics used custom cast vents, hatch knob(s), and the like, which are difficult to find now. Gene can attest to that! Oh yes, one more thing, you don't find V-8 power in the Sweet Sixteen, though they do seem to have a good power-to-weight ratio with a V-6 vortex engine. Back then, all of the Ski Sporters had factory Ford based V-8s (Holman-Moody, Interceptor, Chris-Craft, and later MerCruiser).
5/13/98 6:08:54 PM Frank hello Everybody. Just went out for a test drive in my 16 after 13 days of rain and a noreaster. I couldnt wait much longer. Its 52 degrees in N,J not Quite Donzi weather but it sure felt GREAT! Well another year is upon us and its Donzi time again. I wish everyone a great fun boating summer hope to catch some of you out on the Bay.
5/13/98 6:34:30 PM Frank Hello Forest. The 16 does come with a v8 on the new models. I test drove both vortex v6 and the 307. The v6 with 205hp is 500 cheaper and 5mph faster and being a shortend 350 easy to tweek.My 96 16 is a 2+2 and with gill exhaust and a chiller delivers 235 hp not bad for a v6. The best thing if the motor blows I can slide a 350 mag in to the same motor mounts with out butchering the motor box. Also on the 96 model they didn't use plastic or cheep stainless american boat holding made the anniversery addition pretty good. Owning one of the older ones a long time ago. The 96 Model is pretty solid she even tracks a lot better due to the Mercruiser with the trim button and depending what prop you put on her. Happy Donzi days!
5/13/98 8:13:19 PM Todd Shea A friend of mine has a 1963 14' Donzi, (Donzi baby) any body else seen one of theese?
5/14/98 12:49:11 PM Jeremy Riggs I have recently puirchased a 1987 Firefox Z-29, and have some questions about what prop to run and general performance questions.
5/14/98 3:35:41 PM Greg Harris I am interested in located a very low hour, original condition 18' Donzi 2+3 (or Minx) for use in Lake tahoe, CA. I am only interested in boats that are in extremely good condition. Any leads would be appreciated.
5/14/98 10:36:50 PM Norman Agnew Forrest, thanks for the info, I guess I can't call my '68 a "sweet sixteen" then she is in fact a ski sporter. To all who asked and helped in the Hornet I spoke about, I don't even know if I can get ahold of her, however if she does come up I will buy it on the spot. She has been sitting for 14 years with 0 oil in her 427 (rebuild) The saving grace of the resto will be the fact that some bone head put extremly cheap paint over the original gelcoat, WITHOUT sanding, in other words it is flaking off with ease and has been protecting the original forest green gel. All running gear (original vents, steering, tabs and everything are intact.) the only thing I need to find is a windshield, although I would like to find an original, I will probably have to resort to having one made, that is if I can get the stupid thing! The season is finally here, best boating to all
5/15/98 9:44:24 PM Ralph Savarese Does any body Know what is the best way to fix stress cracks i the gelcoat before re Imroning and has any body replaced core wood in the nose i have been thinking about cutting along the cowl but I have a concern about maintaining the original convex of the nose !