HULL #: NY1506FU

  • YEAR: 1968
  • SIZE: 16
  • NAME: hull # 16-410
  • MOTOR: 351 Windsor Holman Moody
  • OUTDRIVE: Volvo 250
  • OWNER: Matthew, Veth
  • LOCATION: NY, Greenwood Lake
  • Website:
It has been a lifelong dream to own a donzi, All though the boat is titled as a 1968 model, It is an older model, Judging from the steering wheel , shifter and the vent arrangement, The boat was repowered by Holman Moody in Feb of 1969 from a 289 eaton combo to a 351 windsor and a Volvo 250 drive. The boat was restored in 1999 motor refreshed and the boat was painted red and white from Grumble green and white. The outdrive was rebuilt in 2000. The boat has the Holman Moody original paper work with the owners name stamped on the engine, and the Holman Moody Badges on the outdrive and exhaust risers. The boat is extremely fun to drive. The boat has won oldest boat at the Lake George Donzi Club 7th annual Spring Dustoff June 14th 2002.