HULL #: 2712922

  • YEAR: 1972
  • SIZE: 16
  • NAME:
  • MOTOR: Mopar318
  • OUTDRIVE: volvo270
  • OWNER: Stephen, Barrows
  • Website:
i never thought i would find a older sweet16.i found her in brookfeild ct sitting under a maple tree.she was in pretty bad was sitting their for about 8 years i was told.the person who owned it hit the starboard side rub rail aganst a stone wall trailering it home ripping a 3 foot off the side of the took me awhile to track down the owner,fate was on my side just happen to run into someone riding a quad in the quarry i was working at who knew the owner.the owner at first didn't want to sell it many people over the years wanted to buy it,but he didn't want to sell.i just happen to be in the right place at the right time.paid him 2grand for it.i put a new 318 in it fixed the top side cleaned out the fuel tank[8 year old gas turns to sluge]a few other things and to the lake we went!happy days happy days got it out on coventry lake it was so cool people were setting up lawn chairs to watch us terrorize the lake,we have had a few problems with it just working out the gremlens next year she should have new paint and interior and i will have a sweet,sweet16!!