HULL #: IN2092686100

  • YEAR: 1964
  • SIZE: 16'
  • NAME: Donzi Sweet 6
  • MOTOR: Mercury 5:0L MPI / 260HP
  • OUTDRIVE: Mercury Alpha 1
  • OWNER: Edward, Muncey
  • LOCATION: NV, Las Vegas
  • Website:
This boat was given to my father, Bill Muncey, in 1964 by Don Aranow in exchange for some publicity work my father did for Donzi during his Hydroplane Racing season. My father was a famous Hydroplane Raceboat driver in the 50's, 60's, 70's and early 80's. My father sold the boat in 1976. Fast forward 26 years and 3 owners later, the last owner coincidentally frequented my Mom's restaurant in San Diego and told her he had her husbands old boat. I ended up buying the boat and fully restored it from top to bottom, however I put brand new everything in it. The only items original are the hull, the dashboard plate, and the Donzi emblems on the side. I had the entire top taken off and the entire hull gone through from front to back. The boat now looks like a vintage Ferrari and I have put 14 hours on it in Lake Mead (Las Vegas, NV) since it was completed in the Spring of 2004. I am stopped all the time by people asking me about the boat and how cool it looks. Most people are surprised to hear it is a year model 1964, but for those who grew up with one or knew someone who had one and/or once they hear it was my father's, in almost every case they ask me if I want to sell it. I have said "No" up until this point. I restored the boat for sentimantel purposes relating to my father, but I spent way too much money on it to make it perfect; and now my family would prefer I sell it and get something much bigger. So, I'm going to put it on the market. It really is beautiful and I'm hesitant to have it leave my family again, but my lovely family reminded me I have a warehouse full of memorabilia of my father which can make up for the boat. So if you have any interest, please email me at I keep it in my garage in Las Vegas, covered, and it sits on a brand new single axle trailer. The boat did not have a Hull Identification number engraved in the Hull. Instead, I have a foil plate that says: SPECIAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER MIN0091 IND INDIANA DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES Cheers