HULL #: DNR226011178

  • YEAR: 1978
  • SIZE: 22
  • NAME:
  • MOTOR: 454 Twin Turbo
  • OWNER: Rodger, Eppley
  • LOCATION: IL, Palos Heights
  • Website:
This model of Donzi is called the F22 and 1978 is the first year a 22' was offered, but it was 9 years old when I bought it. It had an original 330 TRS setup. I had been looking for this model Donzi with the TRS drive, because, at the time, it was the only drive that could handle high HP and I wanted to build an 80 MPH boat. I used the boat about three times before I pulled the engine to build a new one. The boat had been abused both cosmetically and mechanically, requiring lots of fix-up and elbow grease. My original plans were to buid a 540 NA engine but when I came across a used Banks twin turbo marine setup, I decided to go that route and have been quite pleased with my decision. Turbocharging was less than half the price of building a NA 540.