HULL #: DNAZ7018K900

  • YEAR: 2000
  • SIZE: 28
  • NAME: Family First
  • MOTOR: 2 X 350Mag
  • OUTDRIVE: Bravo 1's
  • OWNER: Tony, Pina
  • LOCATION: California, Moreno Valley
  • Website:
This is my third boat and I am veyr happy with it. I purchased it used in Oct. 2005 with 66 hours on it. I would like to run the claimed 75 mph. The speedo reads 74 mph while the gps read 68.5 mph. I have 1.5 ratio drives (as stated on the side of the drives), 23P Mirage plus props, and stock motors. I would like a response from anybody with some knowledge on the subject. If I installed some EMI manifolds and risers, along with a pair of selectable mufflers. What would be the best props and pitch for top speed?