HULL #: 2001027 (Cobalt XV-200)

  • YEAR: 1969
  • SIZE: 16
  • NAME: N/A Boat is 30+yrs. old and I st
  • MOTOR: Holman Moody Ford 351W / 290 4V
  • OUTDRIVE: Volvo 270 (Holman Moody)
  • OWNER: Craig, Zimmermann
  • LOCATION: MD, Frostburg
  • Website:
My boat is one of the Cobalt XV-200's. They were copies of the Donzi "Sweet 16" (or more accurately I guess, at that time, the "Ski Sporter"). While not a Donzi, I entered it here (with permission) as an interesting piece of "DONZI" history. As many already know they were not built with permission from DONZI and production was halted after about 35 to 40 were made (approx. years of production = 1968-1970. While some others have copied Donzi's hull in various degrees, these boats have the same deck, hardware, etc., and so, look nearly identical barring the Cobalt stripe graphics. Some discussion has been covered on this site regarding a few possible construction differences. An article (cited below) details construction pretty well and is interesting reading. Cobalt also copied Donzi's 18-2+3 and Corsican naming them XV-500 and GT-500, respectively. Some of these are still "floating around" out there too. I've owned the XV-200 since the spring of 1985 and have only located two others (one with a Homan Moody Volvo 270, like mine and one with a V-drive! A March 1970 Powerboat magazine article (begins pg. 67) actually detailed this boat's construction, specs and performance. Oddly enough, the next page after that begins an nearly identical article about the 1970 Donzi 18-2+3. Pretty funny. Its been fun having the boat all these years. I have the old HM 351W stored, but repowered in 1999 with a new PCM 351(290HO). Virtually the same. Kept all Holman Moody parts (exhaust maniflods, etc. etc.) so still looks pretty much original. Installed hydraulic steering last year. Best upgrade yet. We use the boat mostly in Western MD. Has never been in saltwater although I'd like to take it to the Chesapeake Bay some time.