HULL #: 1DBM18886

  • YEAR: 1971
  • SIZE: 18
  • NAME: Moody Blu
  • MOTOR: Ford 1975 351w smallblock
  • OUTDRIVE: Volvo 250
  • OWNER: Broque, Ward
  • LOCATION: NJ, Manahwakin
  • Website:
I have had this boat since 1991. The engine blew up in 1993. the boat sat on a cradle until july 5th 2001. She was then revived with a brand new marine 1975 ford 351w small block(which I installed myself). The engine is worth well over $5,000 and has a 2year unlimited hours waranty on it. Here are some of the goodies this engine has: brand new valves, hyperutectic pistons,balanced rotating assembly, a LUNATI 1000-5000 rpm flat tappet hydraulic cam #00110, an EDELBROCK performer rpm dual plane intake, an edelbrock 600cfm AND 750cfm Carbureator(the 600 is my friends im using it to break the engine in), an MSD 6T capacitive discharge race ignition with a soft touch rev control, an MSD 351w billet distributor, a JACOBS coil, K&n oil filter, and GLENWOOD stainless steel water cooled ceramic coated headers.The only thing I did to the volvo 250 outdrive was drain out the old oil, put new oil in the drive spun the drive for a little bit and then FLUSHED THE DRIVE CLEAN BY DRAINING THE NEW OIL, and then replacing the drive with even fresher oil.(I guess you could say I rinsed the drive clean of all the old oil in it).I then used this stuff called PEEL AWAY and stripped the bottom of the boat of all the old paint, then I sanded the bottom and then dewaxed it and painted it with PETIT trinidad sr(her hull looks brand new with the fresh coat of paint). Once I put the boat in the water and drove it for a couple days I checked the drive oil, To my surprise there was no water in it(no white oil), People may talk trash about volvo drives but in my opinion they are bullet proof! my drive sat for more than 9 years and didnt need any hard work! I have no trim on my volvo drive and I almost keep up with another donzi(88 classic)with a Jasper h.o.350 chevy with a alpha outdrive trimmed out to the max. so next summer I should have a volvo duo prop on the back of this bad boy and trim right past the other classic and then some. I plan to convert the rockers on my engine to roller rockers with a kit for $120 bucks(alot cheaper than regular roller rockers and do the job just as well!!!)-that should add some rpms to the engine. This donzi needs minor restoration:all new metal and a good compounding and new stickers. I will post pictures soon enough! I will also keep everyone updated on the duo prop project.