HULL #: DNAL1021C898

  • YEAR: 1998
  • SIZE: 21
  • NAME: Mindawass
  • MOTOR: 5.7 EFI
  • OUTDRIVE: Alpha One
  • OWNER: Douglas, Berry
  • LOCATION: Ontario, Toronto
  • Website:
I have a wife and five daughters but still wanted a Donzi. The Z22 cuddy is perfect for families - hooked the porta potti to a holding tank! This puppy gets across Lake Ontario in 30 minutes and handles 4 ft waves with a smile. I am a sailor by religion but I kept my "new" wife and gave up sailing. At the 1998 boat show I said to her "I would never buy a power boat but if I did it could only be a Donzi" and showed them to her. Thirty minutes and one astonished salesrep later, she was ours. Capacity of 10 and still hits 55? What can you say? Just "Donzi". Mindawass should be a unique name since I apparently invented the word as a baby, singing Mindawass Mindawass while banging my head against the crib bars. Seems I've loved Donzis almost as long...