HULL #: dnac8004g102

  • YEAR: 2002
  • SIZE: 18
  • NAME: rovente
  • MOTOR: merc 350mpi
  • OUTDRIVE: alpha
  • OWNER: harvey, shulman
  • LOCATION: fl, new smyrna be
  • Website:
Let me start off by complementing you on your great web site.I have owned four Donzis previously to this one, 1969/16, 1970/18,1972/21,1973/16, and 2002/18, which I purchased in nov. 2002. The 18 is a great boat, and much more poweful than the older boats which all had built motors. I have been very busy the last two years and have only used it about 15 hrs. The only major change in Donzi that I have seen over the last 35 years is the factory support, not very good. Other than that it remain the same great boat. Later Harvey