HULL #: 187051280

  • YEAR: 1980
  • SIZE: 18'
  • NAME: Classic
  • MOTOR: Orig Merc 350 punched out to 310hp
  • OUTDRIVE: Original Merc 260
  • OWNER: Dennis, Wheeler
  • LOCATION: FL, Seminole
  • Website:
Hello There Donzi Friend... I have a whole-lotta stuff to talk about. ie: my total restoration process from begining to end. Funny stories. Not so funny dealings. Almost becomming a "single dad" over this "boat thing" relationship. and on & on. BUT FIRST... I have some interesting info for any of your registered members. While in the resto process, I visited a "Surplus" marine shop, in Manatee county, not too far from Donzi Marine Corporation, and found some interesting items. Particularly speaking about... NOS Donzi "Chrome-foil" 5" X 36" hull decales. YES!! Really! Ya know the ones that seem to get "scuffed-up" at the dock? Well, to make a long shory stort, I bought all I could find... and guess what? I have 22 sets, (port & starboard) matching sets. And YES... for sale. ( I know Mr Weaver in Maine is reproducing these for a healthy $um, & mine are afterall "NOS" and about half the cost!) I have other decales as well... like various size ORIGINAL .... England "Union-Jack" decales... Donzi "lion & Dolphin" crest decales... Original key blanks....just to name a few items.. I am going to put these items on ebay soon UNLESS... unless you or someone close to you calls. Emails or just puts all their money in a bag and snail-mails it to me... SOON! Just kiddin! Really tho... contact me if interested soon. I'll make someone a real-deal on this stuffs. And then... then I'll tellya my story. Hows that!. Talk to ya'll soon. Dennis "Wheelz" Wheeler Tampa Bay, Florida