HULL #: 18-117

We bought the boat in August of 2003 from Todd Mumaw. It's (we think) a 1967 single hatch barrel back, although it was registered as a '69. The original Covico steering wheel, Morse shifter, and interior are gone, as are the original guages. There are extra cleats and bow chocks, and the front lifting ring is of the old wooden runabout streamlined art deco style. The original 289 Ford was replaced with a 5.0 liter High Output Mustang motor. For now, I'm just going to enjoy the boat pretty much the way it is, but an original Bilt Rite interior and a repro Covico Wheel are coming soon! The extra deck hardware will be deleted when the hull is restored in a few years. The engine and outdrive work fine, so I'll just leave well enough alone. All in all, I'm very pleased with the boat. It handles rough water well and is certainly fast enough for a pleasure boat.