HULL #: DMRZ143A787

  • YEAR: 1987
  • SIZE: 25
  • NAME:
  • MOTOR: 454 Mercruiser
  • OUTDRIVE: Alpha One
  • OWNER: Glenn , Kricheldorf
  • LOCATION: CA, San Marcos
  • Website:
Me and my buddy Paul picked this beauty up after 4 months of looking for a boat. We didn't start out looking for a Donzi, but fate lead us the way. The hull is yellow with black and white stripes. The bow is white with a big yellow stripe running down the middle with a small black stripe on each side. When we handed over the cash and got the pink slip the boat had 272 total hrs. The motor is a strong 454 in excellent condition. Everything about the boat shows it was cared for. All original interior, all working gages, excellent upholstery. So far all we have done was remove the old name (tweety) and try to restore the original finish. Hopefully we will be successful, but we have spent a few weekends working on the boat when we should have been out on the boat. Heck there may be a few of you out back east that may know this boat. We purchased it from Dick Stratton. There are some old Vermont stickers we still need to remove off it. I must say it is really cool when people come up to us and ask us what kind of boat it is and that someday they may own one. There aren't many Donzi's here in So Cal and would be happy to meet a few other owners.