HULL #: 16-JA

A friend of mine purchased an old dilapidated oyster processing plant on the Pacific coast of Honshu Island (Japans main Island). He found the Donzi under a pile of trash in the front yard. Luckily for me he needed some quick cash so he called me. I searched the web to research Donzi info and found an inspiring restoration story by Gene Drago I offered 350 US$ (sight unseen) and the dude accepted. I headed up the coast on a 4 ton truck and dragged that baby home. I'm totally into this boat. Now my wife feels like she's lost me to another woman!!!! I've just begun cleanup and restoration. It's gonna be a fun project and I'll take my time and do it right. The condition of the hull is sound (a couple of small bites on the rails)It still has a thick coat of anti foul and should look good after a good clean. Interior hull looks good. The deck is solid and clean enough with some small patch work to do on a few screw holes. I've removed an aging plexi-glass screen as I like the look of the Donzi without the screen (as in pics I've seen via the registry page). Upholstery was mushed up and grungy so I've thrown it all out. Have removed and discarded all Volvo Penta dash board instrumentation and will discard the aging Volvo Penta Engine as well. I'll track down a Mercruiser and Drive (or something similar) and install. I'm looking forward to the first part of the restoration, cleaning, stripping out all fittings - engine - drive - fuel tank - wiring - steering, touch-ups, re-painting. Will keep you informed of progress.