HULL #: 1641510668

  • YEAR: Unknown
  • SIZE: 18-19
  • NAME:
  • MOTOR: Olmes and Moody-i/o-B8HM-2222-1-RW
  • OWNER: Adam , Diel
  • LOCATION: , Bermuda
  • Website:
It is one that I found on the island, and I believe it is possibly a prototype. I have not seen one this size that is single seater. The engine is shot, but I have the plate from the original, and that is listed above. I do not know the h.p. or any thing else, but the boat is is good condition. The work is mainly cosmetic, and the cotrols and gauges need to be replaced. There is no windscreen, and some minor repair to strengthen the transom is needed. I do not want to start anything yet as I want to restore to original and need info. to do this.