HULL #: DMR187530483

  • YEAR: 1983
  • SIZE: 18'
  • NAME: Classic 2+3
  • MOTOR: 406 Cubic Inch
  • OUTDRIVE: Alpha One SS with heavy duty gears
  • OWNER: Elliot, Reiff
  • LOCATION: OH, Columbus
  • Website:
I bought the boat in April of 1999. It is light beige with a brown stripe flanked by two thin red stripes. The hull is bright yellow and the interior is the original brown tucked and rolled upholstery. I am currently running a 23" Laser II prop and the boat has run 73mph on a calm day. However, I have just had the engine rebuilt and modified so I will probably go to a 4 blade prop to bring down the rpm's. I have not broken in the engine yet so I do not know what the top end will be. I think it will probably do 75+ when I get it propped right. 4" thru hull exhausts at waterline sound great at 86 decibles at idle.