HULL #: 161966

  • YEAR: 1966
  • SIZE: 16
  • NAME: working on that idea for now?
  • MOTOR: Ford 302
  • OUTDRIVE: eaton intercepter 165
  • OWNER: Bret, Wolf
  • LOCATION: TX, Mansfield
  • Website:
Bought from Eddie Mayhough. One lake run, not good!! I have started a complete restro. I am not a big fan of red and want to change deck color to white? (a must do from auto paint job) I have also bought a 89' 5.0 HO with fuelinjection and am trying to convert over. 225hp in a 89'Lincoln Mark VII. Knowing that this boat is somewhat rare and originality is desired please let me know your thoughts to the changes. Q's; will the eaton out drive stand up to the added HP? and any prop size/pitch ideas? I am leaning towards a custom look more than all original. This baby should scream!!!! All my fantacies in one project.