HULL #: DMR16862

  • YEAR: 1972
  • SIZE: 16
  • NAME: Donzi Baby Outboard
  • MOTOR: OutBoard up to 200 HP
  • OUTDRIVE: Outboard Motor
  • OWNER: Ken, Goldberg
  • Website:
Donzi Sweet Sixteen OutBoard Model, also listed as Donzi Baby 16, Manufactured between 1972 and 1976 by Donzi Marine of Miami FL. This boat is not a revised Donzi 16 I/O as it has right hand steering, and the L shaped seat is on the port side and the hull weight is about 500 Lbs less than a Sweet 16 I/O hull and has a molded splash well at the transom. It is remarkably fast and manuverable with the 24 degree deadrise deep V hull and with a 150 HP OutBoard it will out perform a Donzi 16 I/O with a stock 302 Volvo setup.