HULL #: 14F-20

  • YEAR: 1967
  • SIZE: 14
  • NAME:
  • MOTOR: 6 cylinder, Mercruiser 160
  • OUTDRIVE: Mercruiser
  • OWNER: Mike , McManus
  • Website:
The boat was purchased form the widow of the original owner in 1982 when I was 14 for $1200.00. It had been in storage for about 7 years with, what I later learned, was a roached motor and drive. It was originally powered with the 80 hp Mercruiser. This was an aluminum block Renault for which there were few parts available. It remained in the garage for 3 years until I found a 1969 6 cylinder, Mercruiser 160. I wanted to find a 120 hp but could not locate one. I had to cut 6 inches out of the floor and add motor mounts. This set-up works very well. The rebuilt and tweaked motor is turning about 180 hp and pushes the hull near 60 mph. The boat is currently in total restoration. I am preparing the hull and liner for new gel coat and motor will get some updating as well. It will likely take a couple years to complete.