HULL #: DMA22213K687

  • YEAR: 1987
  • SIZE: 22
  • NAME: Sea Duce
  • MOTOR: 454 mag
  • OUTDRIVE: AlphaOne
  • OWNER: Don, Doss
  • LOCATION: Tx., Tomball
  • Website:
This boat belong to a friend of a friend that is an exotic car collector and happened to be a customer of mine. As I serviced his account I watched this boat for about 5 yrs. He lived in Austin and owned a business in Houston. Sometimes he took it to Austin and mostly let his sons play with it. Finally my friend who knew how much I wanted the boat talked him into selling to me.I have owned it for 4 yrs. Gorgeuos 22' 2+3 Classic. It just turned 200 hrs last summer and the upholstery is original and in great shape. Hope to post a pic soon as I figure out this site.