HULL #: DM492804

  • YEAR: 1970
  • SIZE: 19
  • NAME:
  • MOTOR: 351 Holman Moody
  • OUTDRIVE: 250 Volvo-Penta
  • OWNER: Brian, Zellner
  • LOCATION: VA, Staunton
  • Website:
Its a 1970 with 351 holman moody power that still has all holman moody parts on it. It was all restored in 1999,including paint and interior. I want to upgrade the motor. It currently has a 250 Volvo-Penta outdrive pushing a Spinelli 15 by 23. With this setup it runs 60-64. I would like to get it up to 80 if I can. It also has a 100 gallon gas tank. The boat was raced according to the documents I have. In it's day it placed first alot. According to holman moody very few were built that year. The boat loves the rough water. I lived in Buffalo and boated in Niagara river, but now live in Virginia and use it in lake Anna. I have few pictures but getting more taken which I will send soon. If anyone has any more info for me about this boat please email me.