HULL #: cx1880

  • YEAR: 1974
  • SIZE: 18
  • NAME: Chiquita
  • MOTOR: Holman-Moody 351 Windsor
  • OUTDRIVE: Volvo Penta 270T
  • OWNER: Van, Niven
  • LOCATION: CA, Santa Cruz
  • Website:
Sold to me by Dave O of Mound, Minnesota (thanks Dave) and dragged back to the Monterey Bay, where she has taken a liking to salt water. No other 18' foot boat handles open ocean chop like this, but you'll get wet. Not a lot of old Donzis out here, but I'd like to see some more. This X-18 originally had red trim stripes around the big yellow stripe, but someone tastefully changed them to black, among other yet to be determined cosmetic work. Vessel ID# is DMR 180800773 8. I've got a lot of questions, so anyone with any info, technical or otherwise, feel free to get in touch. The motor will need spicing up at some point, and I'd like to run a heat exchanger, and and and and