HULL #: CX18-14

  • YEAR: 1973
  • SIZE: 18
  • NAME: Donzi
  • MOTOR: 5.7L Mercruiser Magnun MPI
  • OUTDRIVE: Bravo One
  • OWNER: Peter, Hambling
  • LOCATION: WA, Bellevue
  • Website:
Scot, I'm already registered but my comments were accidentally deleted so here they are again: When I was 22 years old in college we went to a party one night in Seattle on Lake Washington. Around midnight after some serious partying one of the guys said Hey let's take the Donzi out for a ride so I piled in with my girlfriend and 3 other buddies and we took off. Fast. Pitch black. Going like hell. and then the guy driving turns hard and I mean hard, really cranks it into a mean turn. I thought "that's about it" and I said "We're fucked, we're all dead" (that's really what I said but you can censor it if you wish). But we leaned waaaaaaay over and the boat just did it with grace and style and I've never been the same since. I've always wanted one so once I could afford it I went looking. I found this beauty locally and looked at it, declined, then looked at again a year later, declined, then it sold to someone else and I had big regrets, then it came up again a year after that and I grabbed it. We ran it the first year as we bought it which is shown in these pictures in yellow/white. It had a 351 Holman and Moody with a Volvo 280 drive, but they were both nearly gone in fact we couldn't get one of the sparkplugs out. So we pulled everything out and completely restored it the next winter. It is shown in the newer colors dark blue and white with red stripe. It is a beautiful X18. Newly restored it ran about 60MPH on a 3 blade Spinelli prop. Lawt year Loren McLaughlin, who originally did all the terrific restoration work, tweaked the engine with new riser headers and some rocker leverage and it ran close to 70MPH which, as anyone with an 18 knows, is a bit squirelly. So we de-propped it with a 4 blade and it now runs about 55MPH but it is very quick off the line. It turns a lot of heads. It also turned one of my wife's girlfriends sundress inside out in the backseat at 60MPH, including flipping out one of the shoulder pads, quite a sight. Looked like she was about to take off.