HULL #: CCVDC111K293

  • YEAR: 1993
  • SIZE: 22
  • NAME: Liquid Asset
  • MOTOR: 454
  • OUTDRIVE: OMC King Cobra
  • OWNER: Danny & Liz, Johnides
  • LOCATION: PA, Shrewsbury
  • Website:
Purchased in 2000, this is our first boat...research on the boats history revealed a pampered life,with very low hours for a 1993 Donzi. We are the third owners, the boat spent over 2 years on display in an Auto Dealers Showroom,later sold to a developer who had more money than time, so when surveyed,the engine was found to have around 50 hours on it! Remarkable for a 7 year old boat! Since registering on the Donzi Registry, we have made great personal friends and found it to be an invaluable resource for knowledge on Donzi Boats. Since our first Donzi Season in 2001, we have trailered "Liquid Asset" to many Donzi Events,eclipsing an annual mileage to Donzi happenings on average over 15,000 miles per season! Which is nuts....but we would not trade it for the world....what a great group of people here on the Registry! We are also instrumental in forming a regional Donzi Group known as the Atlantic Coast Donzi Owners Association. It is for owners of Donzis of all makes and models,our purpose is to develop and support Donzi Owners, promote the Donzi Brand and offer gatherings & events to assemble with our Donzi boating friends that offer a truly memorable experience,all the time celebrating the legend and panache of those pioneers of Classic Offshore Performance,men like Allan Brown and Don Aronow....may their legacy be lived and expressed in style and offer the satisfaction we all enjoy as we scream across the waters in our Donzis...filled with energy and confidence that our Classic Donzis offer performance beyond comparison among all boats.