HULL #: Z7763DA878

  • YEAR: 1978
  • SIZE: 24
  • NAME: ReZurection (doral 24)
  • MOTOR: Twin 250 Yamaha Saltwater Specials
  • OWNER: Jeff, Reiner
  • LOCATION: WA, Olympia
  • Website:
I bought this boat in fall 2007 as a stripped out hull. It had previously had twin outboards, but the mounts were missing and I'm not sure what they put on at the factory. Fortunately, I came across the twin Yamaha's with a mount and lots of goodies. I am hoping to mount them up in the next two weeks. Lots of work to restore this boat, but it will come back and it will be worth it!!! Can't wait to see how she handles at speed. I will have to reinstall the cockpit floor, reapolster the seats, rebuild the dash, and work out the upolstery in the V-birth. A 2 year project for sure!