HULL #: unk_TBawsel

  • YEAR: 1976
  • SIZE: 18
  • NAME: Roses Thorn
  • MOTOR: 350 cu in. G M
  • OUTDRIVE: Volvo
  • OWNER: Tom, Bawsel
  • LOCATION: AL, Decatur
  • Website:
This 18ft Donzi boat was ordered with 2 others by 3 friends from a Jasper Alabama Donzi Dealer to make a run down an interior Alabama river. Probably the Warrior. The boat was used very little and kept in dry storage for many years. The 2nd owner was the Commadore of the Guntersville Yacht Club once again in alabama. He restored the boat and replaced the block which had not been winterized by an errant employee at the boat yard. The boat had less than 150 hours total and I made him an offer he couldn't refuse around 1994 and he was so sick that he sold his pride and joy that he didn't cash my check for over a month hoping I would change my mind, but of course I was in heaven with a 20 year old basically new Donzi. I had sold my 1971 sweet 16 in 1976 because I was getting married and couldn't afford both. So this boat was being made for me about the same time. ha ha The Commadore's name was Tom as is mine, his wifes name is Rose as was mine and the boat was named Rose's Thorn. Had to be mine. After I explained this story to my friendly banker he had a big enough heart to loan me enough money to make the check I had written good.