HULL #: unk_PStori

  • YEAR: 1999
  • SIZE: 22
  • NAME:
  • MOTOR: 7.4mpi 310hp
  • OUTDRIVE: Bravo
  • OWNER: Paul, Storti
  • LOCATION: FL, Miami
  • Website:
I have a 1999 22ZX with the 7.4mpi 310hp I run 63 on gps 65 on a cold day in Jan by myself but that was only once, I have a bravo 1 24p and run 63 at 4600rpm. Lately I have only been getting 4400rpm and 60 mph so I have to figure out what happened. I might just have to much stuff in the boat, I started carrying a set of tools and a spare impeller, thermostat, and sea water pump after being stuck a few times. For a little boat it handles pretty good but you need to be going with the wind (and be a little nuts) otherwise you get pounded. I was out the other day in the ocean going 40-50mph in 4-6ft waves with the wind off miami beach I spent half the time in the air it was awesome. The only problem was my passenger seat spider broke right off the post, Donzi really should put some bolsters in the boat those bucket seats are useless. I like my boat but I to am going to move up to the 28.