HULL #: unk_Mpirko

  • YEAR: 1989
  • SIZE: 22
  • MOTOR: Chevy
  • OUTDRIVE: Mercruiser
  • OWNER: Mike, Pirko
  • Website:
I have owned two different 18 2+3's a 1968 in 1973 for 4 years..had to sell it cause of divorce...and currently 89' here in New Mexico... yeah I know why in New Mexico...well its where I work and I just gotta have another one... it's because of this site 1 year ago that made me drive to San Fran to buty one I found on the Web... I didn't have much choice at the time but I am very happy with the Chevy power....even here at 1 mile high altitude...still hits 60MPH anyway... the boat is called "FOR-PLAY" here's a few pic's if you like them ......1st one is the 1st virgin ride on the way home from San Francisco at Lake Havasu AZ... the 2nd one is here at Elephant Butte State Park in New Mexico. Mike Pirko (Desert Flyer)