HULL #: unk_LGreen

  • YEAR: 1967
  • SIZE: 16
  • NAME:
  • MOTOR: Supercharged 800 cu inch Pro stock engine
  • OWNER: Lenny, Green
  • LOCATION: Victoria, British Columbia Canada
  • Website:
After driving the living shi%&^ out of Owens' boat in all the "weather" we get around here this past week, and not being entirely "comfortable" with showing up at an "AOTH" meet in Kentucky with a "clone" (bench or not) I know that the 16 can take all that our area has to give so long as your careful and keep the nose up. This will move alongside, and probably ahead of, finishing the bench. The motor in this boat will be the "motor in that boat". I can't afford two set-ups. Will glass in the transom, fill speaker holes and engine access hole, get rid of heat register, find some upholstery from Bilt-Rite (or the new owners)and buy a new trailer and THEN spend another 5$G on making it puuurt'y. Think I gotta copy Jeff Moores colours on his X-18 on this. Black top-sides, with white bottom, white deck and black boot-stripe. All this has to happen by May of 2003!!! ( ) Merc and Alpha GenII. ..I will have the only REAL DONZI on Vancouver Island and the only Classic for miles and miles. (so what if it needs work ) Thanks Scot Van A!