HULL #: unk_jblake

  • YEAR: 1966
  • SIZE: 16
  • NAME:
  • MOTOR: 6 cylinder
  • OUTDRIVE: Mercruiser
  • OWNER: Jonathon, Blake
  • LOCATION: VT, Salisbury
  • Website:
Here is my Donzi that I have owned for 3 years.I have decided to restore it the best I can. It has been registered as a 1968 but there seems to be some confusion on this matter. The original engine (stamped 1965) black was cracked beyond repair so a new 6 cyl chevy was installed. The person I bought it from painted it himself by sanding the gelcoat to death, then using a stage 2 auto primer method to finish it in the color scheme you now see. Unfortunately the paint started peeling on top quite badly last summer. This prompted the restoration process. You will notice any strange things in the photos. Pay particular attention to the special cover on the back seat that leads to the engine compartment. I do not know if this is original. Also notice that there is a brass plate on the transom just above the outdrive that says 165 hp emblem. Upon stripping the paint we found the original blue gelcoat stripe. I could use some pointers on how to restore the blue gelcoat scheme on the boat. Since I am somewhat computer illiterate, Please feel free to give me a call at 802-352-6678 Jonathan