HULL #: unk_EReinagel

  • YEAR: 1967
  • SIZE: 16
  • NAME:
  • MOTOR: 225 HP 289 (Holmann Moody)
  • OUTDRIVE: 270 Volvo
  • OWNER: Eric, Reinagel
  • LOCATION: TX, League City
  • Website:
I bought it completely disassembled. The previous owner had taken it apart to restore it. Even separated the inner and outer hulls. I put a new fuel tank in it, put the hull back together, painted it with Imron (black and gold), got married and haven't worked on it since. It has a 289 4bbl motor with aluminum exhausts, Holmann & Moody Bell housing, and a Volvo 270 outdrive. One of these days (years)I may finish putting it together.