HULL #: unk_Duhr

  • YEAR: 1977
  • SIZE: 18
  • NAME: say bye bye 2+9 classic
  • MOTOR: 355 chevy
  • OUTDRIVE: volvo 280 speed master
  • OWNER: Michael, Duhr
  • LOCATION: IL, glen ellyn
  • Website:
i restored my donzi in 1998 it took 2 years every thing is new. the boat was baby blue and wht now its all wht with yel checker board and ppl stripes its vary fast and it turns heads every where i go. i went to a donzi marina and a sales man came out and said when did they start making this styla donzi i repyled in 1977 he said the boat looks new isaid it is great lines great boat vary fast the name sats it all