HULL #: unk_Chzimmerman

  • YEAR: 1969
  • SIZE: 23
  • NAME: Donzi Daze
  • MOTOR: twin ford 302's
  • OUTDRIVE: volvo penta 200's
  • OWNER: Charles, Zimmerman
  • LOCATION: FL, Pensacola
  • Website:
this is my new inhearited Donzi Seven Meter from 1969. my graduation present from the greatest Dad. thanks Pop!!! My girl has a fresh pair of ford motorsport 302's with Edlebrock goodies and 750 carbs. Morse throttles and alot of hands on work keeping her clean and running! You gotta love pulling up the docks with a pair of 302's just idling through straight 3" exhaust. theres nothing like it. Wow. Please let me know of any Donzi meets or poker runs or Donzi club meetings. I would really love to come hang out with the rest of the Donzi family. Sincerely Charlie Zimmerman