HULL #: unk_CAllard

  • YEAR: 1989
  • SIZE: 22
  • NAME:
  • MOTOR: unsure
  • OUTDRIVE: Arneson ASD-6
  • OWNER: Chris, Allard
  • LOCATION: NY, Stony Brook
  • Website:
It is a good clean hull. It came with an alpha one but no engine. The alpha now resides on my 18 classic. The interior is fair and the trailer is poor but what can you do. It is a project. I am going to be leaving the boat basically alone for this winter cosmetically with the exception of the dash. It really is a mish mash of junky stuff so off that goes. Now for the plans.... Here is what we are getting at.... The Arneson is already waiting in my basement right next to a set of K planes. The external box along with all the other pieces needed should be here by mid November. I am going to be using a Bam cyberborg transmission. Despite Gizzly's valued recommendation the guy at Arneson steered me to the Bam. The only unanswered question seems to be power. I have a stock 454/330 but it just seems wrong to put that in after all the effort involved in the Arneson and the high end transmission. Right now I am leaving the engine as a question mark and I will deal with that when we get there. It just depends on what funds allow. The bank is basically broken now. If I get to that point I may shelve the project for a few extra months just to save some $$$ for a better engine. I would like to build this boat once and build it right. So far little has been done but once all the pieces are together it should start to go fast. This weekend I am hoping to do the glasswork. I am adding multiple layers of glass to the engine compartment floor in the event I need to add rocker to create bow lift. I am structurally reinforcing the transom however the one nice this about the "box" is that I do not need to rebuild it. Also one of the reasons I got the boat so cheap was the floor of the cockpit is all cracked. It looks like a manufacturing defect. The floor pan sits 2" - 3" above the stringers and on one side is not braced in any way. On the other side there are glassed in wood supports. I think they just forgot the one side. Seen bellow.... Well that is all I can think of for now.