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Thread: doral / spirit / el pescador owners, info needed

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    doral / spirit / el pescador owners, info needed

    thank you in advance for any info, help, advice you can give me on this matter.

    just started rigging after a pretty good size fiberglass and gel resto upgrade job
    on a 26 x 8, so i am aware of the cost and time involved with a project of this size.

    i have some interest in a doral project, and my questions surround the liner.

    1. is it bolted in or glued, or both ?

    2. is there any structural wood in it, or does strength come from shape and in combination
    with the hull-liner-deck assembly ?

    3. around the rub rail, hull-liner-deck, just screwed /thru bolted ?

    4. the liner looks to be one piece so a wild guess wood be to repair the transom, stringers and bulkhead
    the only way to correctly repair the bad wood be to take the deck and liner out, or is there a trick ?

    again, anyone with any knowledge especially first hand, your info and advice are greatly appreciated.
    thank you.

    would like to have a bit more info before a commitment is made to take on another project
    of this size and level, as i am in no way a pro glass guy.

    thank you.

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    I believe that at least 2 members here have done complete re-builds on their 24' boats and know all the stuff you're trying to get answers on . And one of them is very recent and may still be ongoing.
    All of the 24' boats in that group utilized the same construction method with a shared liner that I believe was putty bonded to the hull. It was some sort of new construction method that was incorporated into the design and it created mountains of problems down the road with rot in the wood and other issues.
    Due to problems with the board for the last few months traffic has slowed a lot but maybe they'll come along and chip in with the help you're searching for.
    Just because something's old doesn't mean you throw it away !

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    ----Outonsafari,,,,Many questions that need detailed answers. Id be typing all day. Much better to talk and you have my Phone#.......Bill S

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