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(Curious Bill, when the Dee used to hit the wall in the low 60s, did the revs seem to climb up without adding speed, suggesting a loss of bite? Or did the drag just seem huge and the motor just wouldn’t make more RPM?)
Interesting question. I tried 4 wildly different props. I remember the Ultra 26, Solas 23, a Spinelli 25, and don't remember what the 4th was.

All 4 were within .8 mph of each other right around 65 GPS mph. The rpms were within a 400 range. On the Spinelli prop, you could tell it was loosing bite as rpms climbed without the appropriate increase in speed.

The Volvo Ultra 26 would bite, also like a pitbull, and you could trim it to the moon, but the slip was nuts, like 19%.

The Solas 23 was the fastest at 65.3, and most stable. Good slip numbers, and trim made almost no difference to speed. You could lift the bow a little, but with that prop the boat really preferred to run flat.

I would say the hydrodynamic limit to that Volvo 290 to about 65 mph. I had 430 hp, and 495 ft lbs of torque, and 65 was all I could get with that combination.

All a fun learning experience.

As opposed to my most recent "learning experience." I burned 3 pistons in the Criterion, running WOT AFR of 10.3 (WAY TOO RICH), with a 29% methanol injection that lowered the intake temp to 110 degrees, at 8 lbs of boost. Best I can figure is that the valves were relashed incorrectly.

Anyone want to buy a BBC Wieand 174 Blower?