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Thread: 24 Spitfire/El Pescador Info

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    24 Spitfire/El Pescador Info

    I was wondering if anyone had or knew of existence of any original info/drawings? More precisely, I was interested in info stringer layout and cockpit liner info (measurements?) for the Donzi 24's. Thank you, in advance!! JB

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    ----The stringers in an original Spitfire only go as far forward as the 1st bulkhead. From there forward the inner hull was "bonded" to the outer hull for what Donzi Inc. felt was the necessary strength. Also the foamed in fuel tank forward was said to help hull strength as well. Unfortunatly, the bonding material used was in my opinion substandard and chunks tended to break loose and vibrate around in the voids. We must have hauled at least 50 lbs of bonding chunks out of my Spitfire. We extended two more stringers forward from that rear bulkhead 8 feet to another bulkhead just to the stern of the forward mounted fuel tank for extra strength. We also bonded the deck permanently to the liner. All the work including the transom was done with composite. I took a couple of years off of this restoration to get a few other restos, both boats and cars, done. We are now back at it and hope to be done for next summer. If you want more detail call me at 810-420-0431......Bill S

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