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    Check. It out

    Little Max

    Run Hard Or Stay At The Dock

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    I love how simple and clean it looks like the reverse air intakes on the deck so you don't even see them unless looking down at them and they also reduce drag like in Nascar. But then IMHO they went a little to crazy on the dash. 15 gauges, 14 switches, garmin and tab and trim indicator for a single engine boat. Info overload.
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    Takes time to get to 120 in a 22 Classic.

    Even with an open checkbook, it's impressive if he gets to 120 mph.

    Swede Björn Carapi has not spent near the money Stan Pike already has,

    but a 66-year old that's got this kind of passion is a cool cat, gray panther I mean.


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    Go gettem Stan !! I hope it works out. Don’t listen to the naysayers.
    I am not sure where the term “do your own work” begins and ends. For example,
    Dropping in a mercury racing engine. That’s not doing your own work ... unless you actually built the engine. Bolting on a shorty ... that is really easy.... putting the gears in , shimming to correct tolerances ... that would be “ doing your own work”.. I am making reference to some of the Facebook comments that are associated with that article. I don’t really see any of that as I don’t Facebook.
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