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Thread: New exhaust question

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    New exhaust question

    ok, I am having new exhaust made for my 22 Classic and had some questions for some of the others that have done this. I have found that my original setup only had 3 degrees of drop. I didn't have reversion then but there was a manifold with a riser being used plus I had the y pipe to the out-drive.

    My question is that Mercury suggest 14 degrees of drop to be used with their engines. For me to do this I would need to drop my exhaust 2.75" from its original location. Is this something others have done? At that point my tailpipe is going to be very close to the waterline and waves are definitely going to be rushing into it.

    What are your thoughts?

    Thanks for any help!


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    There are several companies that make very good off the shelf exhaust systems. No need to reinvent the wheel
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    Stainless Marine has a good reputation

    I have their dry exhaust with a Gaffrig baffle insert and Drew Marine Shotgun tips. Nice parts and no problems. A bit on the loud side. The wet exhaust would be more practical.

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    Stainless Marine is GREAT. (If you donít know for sure that you want dry exhaust, Iíd say you donít want it.)
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