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Thread: Race boat "Broad Jumper" found!

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    Race boat "Broad Jumper" found!

    Well the famous record setting 1964 Donzi 28 foot race boat Broad Jumper has been found and saved. At this point it will be cleaned up a bit and put away for future restoration. It still sits on its original trailer as well.
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    Scott Pearson
    President, Lake George Donzi Classic Club

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    Such Great History with that raceboat !

    From Brownie, "Around Long Island. I drove the 28’ Donzi “Little Broad Jumper”, Bill drove the big one, and Aronow drove the BBD. Aronow and I had identical Holman Moody Fords, but his boat was 1800 pounds heavier that mine. I carried my Long Island Donzi dealer, Bobby Weichbrodt, and the President of Bertram Yacht, Peter Rittmaster, as crew. We built up a big lead down the Atlantic, and then cruised Long Island Sound until Aronow caught up with us. We made a circle around him, just to show him where he stood. He motioned for me to slow down to his speed, and that we would finish bow to bow, with me slightly ahead for PR. Bobby Rautbord was running third, so it would be our first Donzi 1-2-3 finish. Don kept slowing bit by bit, but Peter noticed the ploy and alerted me. We beat him by about 10 feet.

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    Awesome to see a piece of offshore history saved !
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