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Thread: The Donzi 'Oasis' and Hurricane Darby.

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    The Donzi 'Oasis' and Hurricane Darby.

    It's been 25 years since Hurricane Darby gave a Southern California fishing party one memorable 4th of July holiday off Isla Socorro and Isla San Benedicto, 200 miles South of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Their Roscioli Donzi 65 sure helped them win some time, but late skipper Lance Ekberg and his first mate Jay Halford from Huntington Beach sure did their absolute best too. The Coast Guard coordinated for a successful rescue by an honorable merchant marine Captain and they were able to all make it home to loved ones and share the story. That was not the case in 1974 when 10 California fellows lost their lives in the same waters in a 63 footer and vanished without a trace.
    Watch the video and read the article in Los Angels Times.

    LA Times article:

    Roscioli Donzi 65 sister ship:
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