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Thread: Formula Jr ?

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    Formula Jr ?

    Not sure ..................
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    The boats in the back...

    Looks like a pair of Steel Crafts back there. Really like those.
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    Pretty sure that's the 1970 model replacement for the Jr. If memory serves, it was also designed by Walt.

    As far as my research takes me, the first Formula Jr. was being made in 1964 just prior to, and during the process of Formula being sold to Thunderbird. It was as of yet unfinished but, ready to go into production. Actual production didn't start until mid-late 1965. The boats produced in late 1965 were sold as 1966 models. This is considered the first full year of production. The full production run lasted 3 years but, model years covered 4 years (to 1969 models, produced in 1968) and the total span really covered 5 years (including 1965)... 6 years if you include the prototype(s) from 1964.

    The Jr. hull, and moulds were modified in early 1969 as a less expensive or, possibly time sensitive alternative to build a stop-gap boat. Jr. sales were disappointing (nowhere near Donzi Ski Sporter success) and a new model was not yet ready (possibly it was a late management decision). This short term boat based on the Jr. hull (with a square transom) was available as an outboard, I/O and in bow rider or, covered deck configuration. It was sold for 2 years only (being 1969 and 1970) as the replacement design was available as a 1970 model and onward.

    I might add, some Jr.s that were unsold after production stopped, lingered at dealers for quite some time and were registered as new boats as late as 1972. This has caused confusion as to the build years and production runs for the Formula Jr. line.

    Pic is an I/O bow rider based on the Jr. hull remodel. Advertisement is the covered deck outboard model.
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    Do you know the model of that bowrider? It's gorgeous.
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