Hello all,

I am getting to know my 16 and figure out the tendencies it has on the water. I think I have the trim tabs mostly figured out, location indicators would make me more comfortable with adjusting while learning how to use them. I use it on a roughly 400 acre lake with typical boat traffic, the worst waves I see are from wake boats. Nothing too major.

I would like to ask for advice from the community about what I do and don't want to do while driving this boat, anything that comes to mind will be helpful to me. My daily driver boat is a 22 ft Fisher Freedom deck boat, not real fast and certainly not as nimble to react as the 16. But this is what I'm used to driving, night and day difference.

So far I started out with the tabs all the way up and then tapped the trimmed tab buttons till it smoothed out, probably 6-7 times.

Here are a few questions that I used the search option on this site for but could not find any answers that helped. I have had other questions answered by searching so I think that I'm using it right.

1. Is there 1 ideal position for the trim tabs? And can they be used to level the load at all to adjust for more weight on one side of the boat?
2. Can the gunnels go underwater during a turn?
3. Do all the 16's have a ski locker? Mine has a round lid in the middle of the floor, I did not see anything like a ski locker when I pulled the carpet up.

But if anyone has any feedback whats o ever please let me have it.

Thanks in advance for your support.