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ok fellows like a dummy I sold my 24 el pescador ..now I want to find another ..I have owned two over the years plus a 28 sportsman and a 20 ft .. so I am begging for all you guys help keep an eye open .for any for sale or leads to where there might be one i have found a sonic or two but I think they changed the mold just a little .I'm afraid they took the hook out of the bottom ..so I would really prefer an original if it can be found ..if I have to I would use a doral or spitfire hull so any 24 ft hull would work I live in the florida keys ..but will ship the boat from almost anywhere ..thanks for any and all help

Way out here there's never been any of the original 24' series but there was a Sonic O/B center console . It had a small cuddy added but I never liked it as much as the real thing .

Are you sure there was a hook in the hull ? I can see rocker maybe but not a hook .

And yeah , I'd love one too . Pity there was so few ever made.