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Thread: Sand again

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    Quote Originally Posted by f_inscreenname View Post

    PS, G you ever see sand float? I have. Also take that strainer and shake it up some by bouncing over waves and I bet a milkshake of sand and water will travel without a fine filter (which will clog up easy).
    Over 90% of what packs up a cooling system is mud, silt, and floating vegetation and a basket works wonderfully. Silt and mud will pack up on a filter like you pictured.
    Again I ask how fast can you disassemble that filter and clean it in a busy, constrained waterway with a current flowing while you're with out power?

    jordanmc, I've given you some good advice that will serve you well.
    George Carter
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    “If you have to argue your science by using fraud, your science is not valid"
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    Quote Originally Posted by gcarter View Post

    jordanmc, I've given you some good advice that will serve you well.
    And I agree.
    Just options.
    A winner is just a loser that got up and did it one more time.
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    thx guys

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